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  1. Ive had a final response. They say they've sent all the paperwork in relation to them buying the debt, which is correct. They say they've sent a copy of the agreement which they have, unsigned. And they say the agreement was signed in October 2007. They say they consider it fully enforceable. However I've still not had a signed copy.
  2. okeg thanks foe replying...yes this is the case and i'm sure ive had a NOR
  3. Agreement taken out Dec 10th 2007. They've still not sent out a signed agreement and in spite of being told not to call they ring every day twice! I think they are in default and i think they're a bit naughty. After at least 5 requests that they treat it as a complaint I've finally had an official complaint form. What should i expect or do? Regards
  4. i think it was originally a paypal credit card. I'm not sure how old it is maybe 2008. And i don't know who owns the debt. I'm rubbish i know. I need to dig out old paperwork!
  5. Hi Thanks for reply..its Arnden. Not sure when it was taken out, i'll check tonight..if i can find out!
  6. Hi Rebel Yes i did mean CCA!! I've sent 2 account in dispute letters. One after the default which was early last year and a copy three weeks ago. They insist the agreement copy (not signed) is enforceable. Thanks
  7. Good morning Can anyone advise me please? MBNA have had a DCA on my account for some time. I sent a DCA last year and they defaulted. so i sent them the default letter. They've ignored this so i sent it again a few weeks ago. They still ignore it. They are calling the house constantly and have written saying that they've sent a copy of the loan agreement so its now enforceable and collectible. I should add that they have never sent a signed copy of the agreement. Can i report them to some one as they are in default and still harassing me? Many thanks....
  8. Hello We've no legal cover on our home insurance, unfortunately! They wont disclose any breakdown. I do know how they arrived at the higher amount. They didn't account for credits made in 2010. They've had to apologize to the court for this. Anyway i don't think we've any option but to withdraw defense as its too complicated and too risky. Thanks for your reply
  9. Hello To shorten a very long storey. We owe a bank money in relation to secured and personally guaranteed loans for a company (now liquidated) We have never said we don't owe the bank the money but dispute the amount. The bank should never have started possession proceedings for several reasons, one being that the notice or warning that they intended to start proceedings did not tell us how much we owed. They then proceeded to claim an amount £40k higher than the actual debt! (they are now claiming the correct amount) Anyway these and other issues have lead us to dispute a portion of the debt as such we submitted a defence. A strong defence we feel. We have not and cant afford to employ a solicitor. The problem we have is that the bank applied to the court to order a trail. This has all been ordered and the claim is now going to a full civil trail with witnesses and all the legal procedure we know nothing about. I want to withdraw our defence as we cant afford to lose (50k estimated costs) we cant expect our witnesses to attend, we cant follow all the procedures as we have no knowledge of the laws etc. It really isn't an option for us. We now have days to serve something to do with practice direction 31b. We want to withdraw the defence, unjust but necessary and assume that no defence =no trial. How do we withdraw it and what are the consequences in respect of the court. Many thanks
  10. Hello everyone In 2005 I signed a Mortgage of freehold or leasehold property to secure own liabilities to raise business funds. The letter from the bank states that if the signing was witnessed by legal secretary it must have the words "a fellow of the institute of legal executives" under the witnesses signature. A copy of this document that the bank have sent me has these words on BUT the original which i have had from the solicitors does not. Its obviously been altered by the bank. This can't be right surely? Thanks...
  11. Thanks for the replies..I'm a little unclear on what to do next. Can i send them the default notice as they've not complied? ID it then up to them to send the correct documents to me? Kind regards..Lllew
  12. Hi FS Thanks for your rely...I think it was taken after 2007 but cant remember..it was originaly and Alliance & Leicester card. It would have been an online application and the T & C s they've sent are Santandar terms I want to achieve them no longer chasing me for payment Thanks again for your reply..llew
  13. Hi Hope some one can help me on this. I sent santandar a CCA request for a credit card. They've responded by saying that they do not hold a signed copy as it was an online application and have sent me terms and conditions. Can i send them the default notice now are they in default? Can they enforce this now as they have no signed agreement. Many many thanks in advance...LLew
  14. Hi I've been indispute with Amex for about 2 years over a business card debt. They insist its mine personaly i say its the company (liquidated) I have no credit agreement only a application. No T & Cs and the application form only has the business address and company name on it. So i'm happy to stand my ground. They have passed it to several DCAs who have all given up. However after hearing nothing for several months i have have been approched by a new firm (not newmans) They keep phoning me and asking me toonfirm my address before they will discuss anything with me. I refuse to confirm my address until they advise what its relating to. They refuse and say they've written to me which they havent. My problem is that if it is Amex related and I'm sure it is I think they may be writing to the business address knowing that i have no access to it. They could then start county court proceedings and i would not have the chance to defend myself as i would be unaware of the action. Am i better off confirming my address if they call again so i can deal with it and be aware of what they are up to. Kindest regards...Llew
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