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  1. I doubt if Cabot Financial will send the heavies in without knowing your circumstances. As Dx100 says, they're not bailiffs but just middle-men. You may need to communicate with them at some point to let them know, as you said in your first post here, that you are not unwilling to pay, just unable to pay at the moment and certainly unable to pay much at all until your circumstances change. If you contact National Debtline or StepChange, an advisor will talk you through how to communicate with the people who are collecting on behalf of LTSB (if you need to do so)
  2. Hello BHB. I think you might like to call StepChange - there website is http://www.stepchange.org/ and they have a freephone number for you to call. Phone them on Tuesday morning and they will give you lots of good advice. I do believe you won't have to pay everything all at once and StepChange will even give you advice on how to pay just £1.00 per month until your circumstances improve. Give it a go and I hope you feel much better after speaking with them. PS: Step Change is not a DCA, it is a charity which gives advice on how to manage debt, like National DebtLine. They do no
  3. On the face of it, it sounds like M&S might have been owed money by the PREVIOUS owner/occupant of your house whereas the the people to whom M&S sold the loan are chasing you, the CURRENT owner/occupant, so yes, possibly they are barking up the wrong tree. Probably no harm in contacting Step Change who give free advice about debts, but you'd need to explain to them your position. Since it does not seem to be your debt, I cannot be absolutely certain they will sort it for you but they might know who would be able to help. PS, edited to add, I wonder how successful the peopl
  4. Hello "ST" and welcome to CAG. Sorry to read about your plight. No point in delaying - go down to your local CAB and ask to speak to someone who can give you expert advice about how to deal with your situation. Debt counsellors can be very helpful. I have taken advice myself from the Consumer Credit Counselling Service ( Step Change) as soon as I lost my job. They advised me how to discuss my situation - though I was not in quite the same level of debt, I was just expecting to have difficulty paying some bills - they will be able to advise you on how to pick apart the financia
  5. I was so saddened to receive the terrible email pointing me to this thread. Sorry that Martin was only with us for such a relatively short time - he wasn't even allowed the full three score and ten - so unfair. I send my condolences to those who loved Martin. He will be missed by many but everyone who knew Martin and worked with him should be proud to have done so. Rest in peace Martin.
  6. I found this article by the OFT - its opinions of exclusion clauses etc - very interesting http://www.oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/reports/unfair_contract_terms/oft311.pdf I hope it might give you some ideas on how to solve this issues. Perhaps someone with legal knowledge might appear and offer better advice soon. Wishing you success.
  7. Thank you Locutus. I take your point. I know what you mean by "templatey" - it appears as if I had taken the wording from a textbook example which could be rather generic and not specific enough to support my particular argument. I shall use your wording when I reply to their next objection - which will come after Christmas, no doubt. Thank you for your constructive criticism. This is very helpful.
  8. I have sent an email on 22nd December and backed it up in writing. Here is the email reply: "Thank you for contacting us about the price rise announcement. I realise that you aren't happy with the increase in the price of your monthly tariff. Just so you know, we're increasing the tariff price by 3.2% effective from 28 February 2013 because of inflation. Price increases are never welcome and this isn?t a decision we?ve taken lightly. We have to make a change and increase our prices in line with the current RPI. We have avoided putting our prices up as long as pos
  9. Hi Mike Obviously, it is up to you if you wish to close your account with O2 or not. The way I see it, I need to have a phone and would like to treat the matter as carefully as I can, bearing in mind I don't wish to paint myself into a corner, so to speak. I have done two things: 1. I have given the required period of notice so no penalties should be payable and also, no question of loss on my part should arise when I give them the required notice period. They ask for 30 days and that is what I have offered, should they decide to keep the increase in place. Clause 5.3 (a) is clear
  10. I'm still reading with interest ... and probably so are many others who DON't post ...
  11. I notice the amount of time elapsed between Lee's message of 6th NOvember and yours, Nagasis, of 21 December. Nearly six weeks and still no progress. More strength to your elbow, Nagasis - wishing you a satisfactory outcome soon.
  12. Thanks Locutus. I have put a draft of my letter which will be sent to them today, on the other thread of the same topic. I have found out how to email them so will do both. I don't wish to chat online as I doubt it will achieve much and cannot be as easily traced as written communication.
  13. Hi Mike - I think they use the words "pre-paid post" Anyhow, here is a draft of my letter which will be posted today - any suggestions for improvement welcome: "Dear Sir/Madam Name: Name Surname ADDRESS: Street, Town, Postcode Home Tel: 01000000 O2 mobile: 07000000 Account: 1 1 1 1 1 0000 I would like to exercise my right under the General Terms and Conditions Section 1, Clause 5.3 (a) to end this contract. You have sent a text message to my mobile phone yesterday, 21st December 2012. Your text informs me that the monthly price will be increased by 3
  14. Yep! So it was. Thanks for sharing this information. I shall be writing today too. The only thing is, I shall have to take it tomorrow to the post office and have it sent by recorded delivery because they will try to claim they have not received it otherwise....
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