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  1. hiya thanks for your prompt response outlawla... im going to SAR them, get all the facts and figures and then send a letter of complaint.... thanks again karen
  2. When i received my council tax bill for 2012/13 i noticed that the total outstanding for other financial years had gone up £800 from last years £400 to this years £1152.82 bearing in mind my entire bill for 2011 was only(?) £912.67 and according to my bank statements ive paid them £600 so things dont add up there..anyway im going to send them a sar and get that sorted.. (do i just amend the one in the library?) However when i went to the council offices to try and sort this out as i was convinced i couldnt possibly owe them that amount, the lady i saw acted as if it was a pesonal slight on
  3. hi.. they rang me with a local area code!!! not sure how they managed this, they're a sneaky lot!! (im being nice there!)
  4. hiya my boss and (long term partner) has a business with 1 full time member of staff (me) and three part time, one of which is a new starter. he has just put the business up for sale and has said that we must now accrue our holidays as in the first year, although previously we have been able to take them as soon as the leave year begins, his argument is that if when sells the business we may have had more than our entitlement, is he allowed to do this? his not very informed accountant says he can just apply 'first year' rules! i have explained to him about tupe applying, therefore our cont
  5. hi ive been away for a bit!! thank you for your advice, i cant believe they chose to ignore the major issue, i.e the tick box that wasnt!! that surely would never stand up in court, that along with countless other issues i have!! i might just drop them a line outlining this and then get on to the fos! thanks again k
  6. ....anyone? im really stuck here as dont know what my next course of action should be if it helps, i have been paying £41 per month insurance since july 07.. plus interest of course, a little more than £814.12!!!! thanks k
  7. hi finally i got round to sending the original " i want my money back" email to lloyds pointing out that i wasn't told the insurance was optional, but more importantly the tick box, saying i wished to purchase it, was never ticked! i have recived their response which im guessing is the bog standard letter everyone receives... they say as i have raised a number of concerns (2) they will respond to each one individually, the only response they have made is that is to the fact that i claim i was never told it was optional, no mention of the tick box thing!! then they go on to offer me £814.12
  8. hi ozzywizzard yes i got a call from a very apologetic guy from EON( i feel this guy had been drafted in especially for the job!) around 10 a.m yesterday saying my job was next one in my area, and an hour later an engineer turned up,and as you say it took him about 2 secs to reset the meter... warmth restored!! thanks karen
  9. thanks for your response nottslad, my mum and g.daughter not actually here yet, could i say they ar?, although my grandaughter was actually here all day yesterday and it made no difference! have rung them again anyhow, they now have someone fielding the calls, because there is obviously a high volume of calls, have just been told someone will call me back within the next few hours, they cant specify a time! i understand they are swamped with work and its not their fault. but if they arent going to come id like to know this is my 2nd day off work waiting for the meter man! thanks again k
  10. hiya i wondered if any one had any advice please... my pre-payment gas meter suddenly stopped working yesterday morning, i went to the shop and bought credit, as i thought this might be the problem although i couldnt remember using the emrgency credit but thought maybe my son had...on my return i tried to apply the credit but the meter was displaying 0.00, i rang the shop to check if although my receipt was showing £10.00 was there any way the credit might not have been applied to the card, i was told that couldn't be the case, i first rang eon at 9.30 a.m and the woman advised me to go ba
  11. hi guys thanks to you all for the positive input and encouragement.. the way this has turned around since the initial posts, just after the announcemnt was made, is amazing, we have done it once and im sure we can do it again!!!! DONATE if you can, i just have! karen x
  12. update.. i sent off the letter to lloyds this week, quoting you quite a lot bankfodder, thanks for that!! and within four days i received a very apologetic letter and an offer of £100 which ive decided to take.. thanks again bankfodder for your input... donation on its way as i wouldnt have done this without your help!! karen
  13. yes, youre right and i do intend to...... but that will take a while.. i could just do without them taking this £105 on thursday (thats about half my weekly wage!) thanks k
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