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  1. Thanks will try SAR. I did this with Shell Energy once and what I got was less then what I held on file re my conversation with them. The only issue I have is that I have never been issued with one invoice so have no account reference to quote, also concerned our period of supply may still be in that name of Occupier and not me (Company name). I also sense this will be their excuse of why a final account hasn't been produced. But will submit a SAR and see what I get.
  2. It's been a while since last on about PPI but i feel I am at my wits end. We had a tenant who left a property last year and have photos of the meters when they left. We didn't make contact with the supplier at the time Simipcity Energy (SE) - they went bust and British Gas Evolve (BGE) took over supply and then we sold the property. Since February i have been trying to get a final account re meter readings when we sold the property, i keep going round in circles (now on email stopped webchat - you can't call as only an on-line compnay so only take webchat or email so don't do calls or post!) If i could call I sure I would have resovled the issue. BGE have told me the final read I have given them is higher than what they have been given by the administrators and I need to contact them to resolve this issue. I did find a contract for them but as yet no reply so stuck. My last recent reply from them was asking me to send current photos 7 days apart - completely forgetting we no longer have access and what would a current read do to help a final read as it was empty for us and now occupied the final read is the final read. I am aware the new occupier has changed supply unsure how this has occurred - they have told me they have provided the new supplier with the actual reads, I am baffled why BGE still has a problem - unless his start reads are actually the wrong reads and he has just not noticed. I have asked the new occupy to help with this issue but currently they are on holiday and this shouldn't be his problem. Am I missing something - yes have put a complaint in as I actually have worked out what we owe for the whole period we were responsible and it is not a lot! Any suggestions in how to get them (BGE) to get us a final bill to the final reads I have. Regards and thanks in advance Roe
  3. thanks for your response and the link i think that is me sorted in terms of my question - now just to get that other job or may be take up the self employment work. Regards to all Roe
  4. Thanks for your reply Marmaris30 i think it answers what i asked. However if i find a find a new job can i still get the pay in lieu notice - i have read quite a bit on the internet but it gets a bit confusing but i sense if for example my lieu in notice was 4 weeks and i find a job within that period the insolvency service will deduct those earnings off what i would be due in my lieu of notice - unless i have miss understodd what i have read - which i normally do. Regards Roe
  5. Hi I have just been made redundant due to insolvency What happens to my statutory redundancy and pay in lieu notice if I either start a self employment pretty much straight away or if I can get what I think is available another job virtually straight away. Regards Roe
  6. Hi Emma My loan was taken out with Lombard who then at the end of the day became First National but my loan was not to do with GE Capital Finance - the address i wrote to was 3 Princess Way Redhill RH1 1UR but i addressed the letter to first national and i got a response from Santander. However i am not sure this is the address you need. When you do some more digging you will probably come up with the same address but a different post code. Sorry can't be any more help. Regards Roe
  7. Hi Dk Just a bit confused I understand you say to get a SOC but do you mean a SAR. If you do mean SAR then is this going to be a problem as Santander say the company ceased trading after my loan have been fully paid back. Also I have already sent them a copy of the loan agreement with the PPI attached so why do I need to do a SAR? I may be missing the point but I just don’t understand what the SAR is going to say that the loan agreement I have, I can also show a bank statement which shows the debit of the loan plus the PPI, I can also provide a copy of my credit reports going back to 2004 which I think shows the loan (I have this due to ID theft which is a completely different matter). Surely the loan agreement, plus a copy of the bank statement plus a copy of the credit report is enough evidence to prove the loan and the PPI existed. But is the main issue that the company ceased trading?. Regards Roe
  8. Hi all I have recent sent in the following PPI claims on the 8th November PSA Finance Pendragon and also one was sent to First National Motor Finance Of course i am not expected an response straight away but i have got a response from Santander. In their letter to me they confirm that Santander Consumer (UK) ltd is the facility manager for First National Motor Finance which ceased trading in Dec-03. They state on checking their records they can confirm that they have been unable to locate any credit protection insurance or payment protection insurance sold by us. So say they can not take the matter any further but if i have a compliant then go to the financial ombudsman. Please note in the letter to them i enclosed a copy of the agreement i signed back in 1989 which show i have taken out a credit protection insurance this policy lasted for 5 years. I know there is no time limit to claim this money back but what do i do when they say the company ceased trading and i have already provided them with the evidence that the policy was taken out. I may be able to find some really old bankstatements showing this debit but what are my options now do i have to the Ombudsman or can i go back to them. My really concern they got the letter on the 9th and they responded the same day saying no. Any response would be appreciated Thanks. Roe
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