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  1. Hi all hopefully someone can help me. Last Thursday I phoned a local holiday company and asked if they could give me a price for a holiday. I had already been given a reasonable quote from another company but just wanted to check I couldnt get it cheaper. The holiday company got back in touch quite quickly and said they had a great price and they could do it for £x. As this was 20% cheaper than the other quote I jumped at the chance and agreed to go into their premises to finalise the holiday booking. I handed over my credit card and the person took the deposit money. Strangely because i didnt have my pin number for my credit card the salesperson took the last 3 digits of my card and wrote on the reciept 'seller not present'. A little unusual as I didnt think they could do this. The sales person then finally showed me the breakdown of the total holiday cost and to my shock I noticed the holiday price wasn't what I thought it was. The price he had quoted my on the phone before coming into the shop was PER PERSON! Meaning the holiday was a lot more expensive than the other quotes I had gathered. When I raised this the salesperson disagreed and said no this was always the case and it was quoted as per person. He literally said as he had taken the deposit money there was nothing I could do to cancel the holiday!! I was so angry with myself I had been niave to accept the price was always as a whole and not per person. But the salesperson never at any time sat down with the total costs and explained everything to me. 4 days have now passed and I have still not received any reply from the shop regarding this and they say they are still trying to get in touch with the cruise company. I have since heard the sales person phoned the other holiday company I received a quote from and asked how much the same holiday would cost. Amazingly they phoned up and pretended to be a member of my family wanting to book alongside us. Has anybody any idea what I can do??? Any help will be appreciated. Regards M
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