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  1. Hi - many thanks for all your help on this. Managed to get Derbyshire to agree to a plan to settle the arrears within 2 months which I hope to stick to. So I live to fight another day but hopefully wont have to! Thanks again.
  2. Hi - thank you so much. We are not actually being evicted on Thursday. They sent me a letter dated 20th October giving 14 days notice to pay the £6,013.00 arrears (although total "accepted" arrears are £36,827 - some £16,000 less than they were at the time of the initial possession order) The 14 days expired on Thursday 3rd. I have received a separate letter addressed to the occupier/tenant giving notice that the lender will apply to the court for a warrant for possession on 3rd. It informs any "tenant" (although we live here ourselves) that the lender has already obtained an order for possess
  3. Hi - URGENT! I wonder if anyone can help please? In March 201 (ie 20 months ago) I had arrears of about £50,000 on my 530,000 mortgage. Derbyshire Home Loans took me to court and got a possession order which I was able to suspend subject to paying an extra £800 a month on top of the contracted monthly amount of £2300. I am self employed and have had a very difficult summer with clients deferring business until November/December/January. This has meant that I am 3 months behind with my new payments (although and including one payment I made last month (September)). I heard nothing from them bu
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