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  1. Me and hubby both on ESACB Support Group plus my ill health pension. Pay all bills, rent, community charge etc. If they take our ESA money we Will be left with just over £100per week plus middle care DLA. I assume the government will then pay this for us. Its just the thought that our finances will be open to their scrutiny at any time, we must jump to their tune. Only two weeks ago we received a phone call asking for information of what came into the home. Was a bit annoyed, it was none of their business. Then received letter asking for copies of my pension award (they already have this, send it each year to them) with dire threats if we did not send it back by 4th July. Seems strange that since then the information has been leaked and I have head of many people on ESACB being asked for this information.
  2. Have been in ESA Support Group since Sept 2009. Received the dreaded ESA50 in August, had to be returned by 17 sept 2012. Received call yesterday 24th Sept to inform me that I have been put in the Support Group for a further 3 years. Thats one week from when form had to be returned to receiving phone call!! Huge relief - I know that I am disabled and unable to work but its getting the DWP/ATOS to agree!!
  3. When filling out son's DLA form after suffering a stroke - had stroke association person come out to help with form and they told us to put down worst day also!! It seems alot of organisations tell people to do this.
  4. Thank you Antone - had a feeling that was the case. She is looking at different scenario's just in case her lad loses his IB/ESA and DLA. She has obvioulsy spent a large part of her life looking after him and at her time of life is going to find things hard if he does have to come off benefits. To be quite honest I do not think he will - he has a reading age of 8, but even this I question because everything he learns is parrot fashion. He is very much a child, lovely lovely boy, very vunerable, you can tell him anything silly and he believes you. I am really hoping he will not even have to go for an assessment for his transfer to ESA, it will be done on paperwork alone. He is very much afraid of people and places he does not know. Fingers crossed.
  5. Asking for a friend of mine who has disabled son - he is now 28 yrs old. She has been carer for the past 24 yrs - she herself suffers with polymyalgia rheumatica. She is concerned about the coming changes to PIP and what would happen if he were to lose/downgrade his DLA and she were to lose the carers allowance. She is not sure if she can sign on for job seekers - has she paid a stamp whilst on carers allowance. I could not answer her query - is a full stamp paid on carers, or just enough to pay for her state pension?
  6. Sorry just a quick one - if I were to be granted U/E carers and I got contributory and income based ESA how does this work out with prescriptions etc?
  7. Thank you so much I do appreciate all your replies. It is a minefield - never having claimed out of work benefits before it is all pretty new to me still. Obviously concerned about the new Wlefare Bill that has gone through and how it will affect us now and in the future. Will ring carers on Monday - tried online but made a hash of it!! thank you once again.
  8. No - Never been on Incapacity - went onto ESA© support group nearly 3 years ago. Was working until then. Just about to re reassessed. Hubby on Incapacity for number of years, just going through transfer to ESA, has DLA HRM and MRC - have never claimed carers allowance as earned more than the required amount to be eligible. Just saw this thread and thought I might enquire. Is all the pension taken into account when claiming carers or the amount over the £85.00? Thanks
  9. Sorry - just hijacking thread - so if you are on ESA©, have occ pension that is more than £32.05 I would not be entitled to Carers premium? Have I got that right> Thanks
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