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  1. Hi all, Just letting you guys know that after reading around the forums and hearing back from sillygirl1, that I've decided to continue to make payments to all of my creditors (including MiniCredit) worked out on a pro-rata basis. I'm going to continue building up document evidence showing that I'm always trying my best to arrange the repayment of the loan so that we can avoid wasting the courts time. I suppose for now there is no point in stressing about anything. All I can do is continue making the payments through my DMP and continue communicating with Mini Credit. I'll post back here if I run in to any difficulty
  2. Thank you very much for the swift response. I've only been on this forum for a couple of days and have already learnt so much. I'll continue to gather documentation evidence so that I'm prepared when the time comes. Thank you for help, it's much appreciated.
  3. Hi there, I've seen a lot of posts on this forum talking about letters that they receive from payday companies threatening legal action, inparticular MiniCredit/Fredericksons, but I can never seem to find what the resolution was. I'm going through a similar situation with MiniCredit at the moment (just at the beginning) and inevitably these letters will start to come. I'm entering in to a debt management program with ClearDebt and they will be make payments to MiniCredit on a prorata basis. If they do threaten legal action then I will go to court and Defend the matter because the courts will see my income/expenditure, my total debt to all of my creditors, and they'll also see that my offer of prorata payments to each creditor is all that I can afford. One thing for certain is that I will 100% not be able to make a large one-off payment to clear the debt. I'm curious to know whether anyone here has ever been to court with a payloan/fredericksons, and if so what did the court rule? Or if not, then do they finally agree to a repayment plan just before you need to go to court?
  4. I'm going through the same situation as everyone else here and really have no idea what to do. I've entered in to a Debt Management program this month and I'm already having serious issues with MiniCredit. I was due to pay back just over £400 a couple of days ago and this balance has already been increased to nearly £600. They say they will refuse to accept any third party involvement i.e Debt Management company (ClearDebt) and nor will they allow any repayment plan to be set up. The lady on the phone stated that the system is automated and will not allow any repayment plan to be setup manually. I am allowed however to make token payments myself (not via the Debt Management company) on the website. I clearly will not be doing this because they'll have my new bank details and will clear me out. She said that after 3 months is up then they will start legal proceedings through their legal team at Fredericks. Fredericks will NOT accept any repayment plan and will instead take me to court. I offered £100 a month for the next 6 months (so they make £200 extra) but this was flatly refused. To be honest though if I was to make that payment it would leave me with not enough money for food. Shall I simply refer them to my DM company? At this rate I can see my £400 debt being raised to well over £2000 during that period. Surely they can not legally make me pay that full amount? Should I just continue making my payments to the DM each month and when they take me to court, simply go and defend myself. The court will be able to see all my monthly payslips, bank statements and debt to other creditors. They will see that everyone is getting paid on a pro-rata basis and they will also see that I'm simply unable to pay the debt back in any larger amounts. So to summarise; [1] Should I maintain that all communications need to be done through my DM company? [2] They say they will refuse all payments from ClearDebt. Should I remove them from my DM plan and send my own token payments? [3] Any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated!
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