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  1. Hi justice By statement of facts I am referring to the paragraph within which they are charging me for. They have stated that this is what will be read out to the judge. I chose not to sign the notes and I don't think I would have counter evidence by something I did or didnt say I think it would be his word against mine. Basically in the inspectors notes there is one sentence that he says I've said and I say I didnt.
  2. Hi mr gates, Yes I agree with what you are saying I would say 99% of the conversation I had with the inspector I adhere and agree with in terms of ques and ans however there is one statement I do disagree with. How would a judge prove who said what when it was all verbal. The transcript of the conversation is not a photocopy but has been typed out? Is that normally how it is received. There is no signature of mine on the notes either
  3. Sailor sam I truly wish you wellness in your life, Everyone can make a mistake God forbid even yourself which Im sure would not be down to or LACK of education. "growth in wisdom maybe exactly measured by a decrease in bitterness" Friedrich Neitzsche
  4. It's so confusing it just seems like a lose lose situation and a conviction is not what I want. How can they test written evidence, the inspector claims I said something that I did not. Had that sentence not be written in the statement of facts their prosecution would not have looked substantial and for a couple of pounds "evasion" surely there would be a better solution
  5. Thanks old codja, there are four lines that make up the statement of facts. The very last sentence is just not true and that is what strengthens their case by falsifying a statment they claimed I made. How will I prove that I did not say this how can the inspector prove that I did? Also if I decide to plea guilty then can this not be done in absence ?
  6. Hi justice, Thanks for that your advice is very valuable. The problem I have is with what the inspector wrote which is not entirely true. It seems like he has twisted the conversation that we had and therefore my only discrepancy is with the last part of the statements of facts written on the documentation. Is there anything that can be done to recitify this?
  7. Hey guys, Is it better to email or telephone or write to try to resolve te situation? Does anyone know that if you plead not guilty within what time frame the court date would be adjourned? Many thanks
  8. BazarS can you read the posts before too please. Also I'd rather not get into a debate about this I was just trying to make a few important points
  9. I'm not for one minute saying that these rules shouldn't be in place but everyone makes mistakes nobody is perfect
  10. Just one more point sailor sam, allowing someone to be convicted means they get a criminal record which then means that they cannot get a job which then means they rely on benefits from the government as they cannot survive and benefits come from YOUR taxes so all in all no one really comes out better off including ppl like yourself who pay taxes and it's reducing economic output that sumone could potentially contribute towards
  11. Hi there sailor sam, I accidentally used it once while having a oyster card with credit, if that's made things any clearer for u. He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. So sailor sam, no disrespect but i feel there are diplomatic ways of putting things forward to ppl that need help and advice and there shud b a slight human emotional touch there too For the record I am a professor. I appreciate all the advice and info and will continue to ask questions and learn things. Many many thanks to everyone who is advising useful info and the support being
  12. Thank you justice! That was extremely informative info. I wonder if it does, when this would take effect? Do you still think I have a chance to settle out of court? Many thanks
  13. Thanks honeybee, checked out that website it's saying 5 years for a fine!!! That's a bit harsh isn't it? Would a solicitor have suggestions as to how to better the situation? Or anything anyone can suggest? Surely 5 years is excessive?? Many thanks
  14. Hey all, This website is very informative but I am really concerned about the aftermath of what may potentially happen. Is there any way of finding out more info on this such as is the conviction under the ROA 1979? Is there way of getting it expunged or reducing the length of time until it is spent? Many thanks
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