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  1. thanks for the link. I will go run a check now. I didnt know sites like that existed.
  2. I have not claimed ESA yet as I didnt think I could as I am still employed (even though I have no income from my employment) but I will give them a call on Monday. I never thought of Housing Benefit either. Its all a bit of a minefield to me as I have never had to claim benefits before. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Can I still make a claim for ESA whilst I am still employed ? I know my partner can reclaim as the only reason she stopped claiming was due to my income so she will still be eligible. With regard to other income, the only other income is my step daughters SAAS payments as she is at university. She also has a part time job
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a bit of advice. I have worked for the same company for 27 years but due to ill health I have been unable to work for the last year and it is unlikely that I will be able to work in the forseable future. My employers have paid me for the last 12 months but now my sick pay has expired. I have no financial capital and am using last years annual leave to keep me going. I dont know what to do and am looking for a bit of advice. My partner used to claim ESA but we stopped that when we moved in together due to my income. Now my income has effectively stopped, what can I do to get help to pay my rent etc ???? If it helps, my illness is a mental illness Any help would be appreciated or if you specialise in this area, i would be happy to give more specific details by private message
  5. I recently took out a payday loan with Quidmarket. Yesterday, I received an email from them saying the agreement was unenforceable as they were to be charging me more than they were legally allowed to. As a result they would not be charging me any interest and all I had to pay back was the capital a month later than I was meant to. Obviously, that is good news for me but I wondered if, as the agreement is unenforcable, legally do I have to pay the capital back ??? I have attached a copy of the email less my personal details
  6. Yeah, I did it this morning. Girl at the bank said there was probably no need but best to do it to be on the safe side. One quick call to be safe rather than sorry I guess
  7. I will cancel the CPA tomorrow just to be on the safe side. There is nothing to name and shame as such as nothing has happened yet. Im just trying to cover all eventualities for when the due date falls !" I appreciate the responses though. Thank you
  8. Hello, I have a payday loan due to be repaid soon but due to a change in circumstances I wont be in a position to pay it in full. I would like to arrange repayment over a longer term but scared they will just take the amount anyway. As a precaution, I have canceled my debit card and had my salary redirected to another account I have with the same bank. My question is, will they still be able to access my funds even though they are in a different account ? When the bank see the card they are requesting the money from is cancelled, are the bank allowed to use my other card even though it is linked to a completely different account ? I would think not, but would like some advice on this. Thank you in advance for any help.
  9. I currently have rent arrears with a Housing Association and received a Notice To Quit. As I already had plans to move to another property, I advised them that is was leaving and they agreed to the leaving date I proposed ( which was after the date of the next action on the notice to quit ) My problem though is the arrears. I have met with them and gave my proposals to repay the arrears but they declined this and advised that they were looking to take court action to recover the debt. I could offer to make a higher monthly payment if this would stop the action but I am wondering what action they can take in the courts, bearing in mind that I will no longer be their tennant and will be living in a different property ?
  10. Im sure that the people who would manage the Debt Management Plan the poster was passed on to would be affiliated to the lender......yeah ? enough said. Dont touch them !!!!!!
  11. Its quite a tough one, cause if you phone or email them they will know what you are up to and will delay you as they know they wont make any money from you ( or minimal ). I guess you have to take the hit, repay the loan within the period and be prepared to pay what they charge. Given the maximum amount they lend its not going to cost you a lot of money. - lets just say it will be much cheaper than going past the cooling off period. In my line of work, you have 14 days to cancel and 30 days to repay in full from the day the loan was executed (ie both parties have signed the agreement ) and nothing will be added. You only pay back what you borrowed. I would be surpirsed if it was different with a payday lender as it is all regulated by the CCA, but I may be wrong.
  12. The lender passing the OP on to a DMP is just a ploy to get more money ! DONT DO IT, insist on dealing with them directly or their agent would be my advice.
  13. hmmm, there is quite a big difference between a DMP and a repayment plan. Depending on where you work, a DMP could affect your employment, where as a repayment plan directly with the lender or their agent shows your willingness to deal with the issue. I cant do a DMP but have succesfully dealt the companies directly and am a long way down the road of getting rid of them all. Your just have to be persistant. Only issue I have is with swift sterling. They wont talk to me but Clarity do. I told Clarity I was making payments to SS directly and the had no need to contact me....never heard from them again - or SS, so I continue to make a small payment each monthe until one of the acknowledges it. When they do, I would anticipate 2 others will be reoaid in full and I can make bigger payments to them. Its a bit of cat and mouse, but if your up for it, you can do it.
  14. Jon is completely correct, yes, it will be a variable mandate, but they have to give you a schedule of payments they are going to take. if its going to change each month - like a mobile phone contract - they have to give you 14 days written notice of the amount to be debited each time. If they fail to do this, you are entitled to a refund using the indemnity scheme reason "advance notice disputed", or "amounts differ". Therefore, a DD should be absolutely fine..
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