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  1. Hi folks, Please excuse me if I haven’t posted on the correct forum. Haven’t been on for a while. Myself and partner went to a ramsdens branch before Xmas to purchase dollars for our Xmas trip. When we arrived to the branch they told us the computers were down and they would have to process our transactions manually and give us a receipt when we got back. Because we had left it to the last minute we just said ok that’s fine. So we asked for 800 gbp worth of dollars and they gave me a rate of 1.279 USD and they said we would get 1025 usd for 801.40 so that was fine.
  2. Hi There,I have been trying to make a payment via their website for the past week and the website says "currently under maintenance", I cannot seem to contact them either - Anyone got any advice as to what I do to pay off my final installmentThank you
  3. yes they are connected. I have had dealings with them. Steer clear!!!!
  4. Morning Everyone, I am new to this site and have just registered. I live in Scotland. I too had a loan from LBL t/a Nine regions for £400, but they said my loan wont be paid off till Jan 2013. I make payments at £100 per month. I received a call from their area manager stating that I had to pay the loan back asap because they done extra checks and found that I was bankrupt previously. I am a little unsure what to do as I havent missed any payments and have already apid the £400. (they say they do not do credit checks...). sorry if I sound like I am rambling on. I also fou
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