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  1. I think 'there is no one at this address by that name is a good response in my situation. Thanks Eric'sbrother! BazookaBoo in our case the only person who should be really worried is the DC.......my husband is 6'4" and 20 st! Mental health problems and aggravation are not a good combination. That is what worries me, I have been dealing ith the DC's for over ten years now, they don't scare me, they used to but not anymore.
  2. They are trying to contact with my previous married name, they wrote to me with that name and the calls are for the old name too. I don't want to acknowledge any letters or calls as I have a new married name. Definitely 4 months from SB. I CC'd them in 2008 and they just went away. No payments have been made since May 2008. I have had very few contacts from DC's as they can't produce a CA. I had a feeling they might pop up again as the SB date is not far away. The problem is a husband on meds for mental health problems who doesn't know about this.
  3. I received a phishing letter from Scotcall addressed to my address but in my previous married name. I ignored it. I have been remarried and therefore had a different name for 12 years now. I am only 4 months away from being Statute Barred and my credit files are completely clear. Now Scotcall have started calling at least twice a day. I have put the numbers on choose to refuse so blocked calls from those numbers. They are still phishing, but I know it is just a matter of time that if they don't get any response then there will be a doorstep call. They do not kn
  4. I am receiving automated calls from Debt Managers at random times during the day. The machine voice anounces 'This is a call from Debt Managers for XXXXXX XXXXXX' at which point I just hang up. They ask for a name I have not used since I remarried 11 years ago. What concerns me is that the automated call just plays when the call is answered so it could be anyone that receives their message. Is this legal?
  5. No, I have not had anything in writing, yet. The calls just started last week. I do think it may be a phishing exercise as the first call was a name I have never heard of, then the next one was my old married name. I will look into blocking calls but this might be a problem because they seem to use a different number everytime I won't speak to them on the phone and I have. O intentions .of contacting them unless they write. In the meantime I will just have to make sure I get to the phone before my husband does! Grrrrrrr!
  6. Thanks Mike. These calls are at random times and I am concerned as my husband of the last 10 years does n't know about this and I don't want him to know as this is an issue from my previous marriage. as they are calling and asking for my previous married name this could cause major problems for me. I am not too worried about them as CCA has never been produced and I think they are on thin ice and I can deal with it. But it seems to me that they are trying the harrassment route to intimidate me. They will not succeed with that. is there any way to stop this?
  7. Last week I started to get calls from Fredricks International, first was an International call from someone who could hardly speak English. He asked for someone with a different name and insisted that his database had this person listed at this number ....wrong! Since then I have had a couple of no message left calls on my answer machine at home. Then this morning had an automated call asking for my previous married name which I have not used for over 10 years. This automated call told me to call Fredrickson International and give a reference number. I am not going to call them... ever!
  8. Hello everyone, I hope someone can help me with my problem. I was divorced 10 years ago and I was left with a mountain of debt from the marriage. I just about crumbled under the weight of it all and made payments through a Debt Management company for sometime. I sent off for CCA's on these accounts some of which go back to 1994 and not one of them have provided a CCA. I informed them that the accounts were in dispute and have not had a reply. So I stopped paying them three and a half years ago. I have not had a single sniff from anyone, but I keep an eye on my CR. There was a search f
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