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  1. I'm not sure they are saying it is a penalty, rather its because I was paying via monthly DD that they believe I owe the whole amount (although I could be entirely wrong as the letter is very vague and just provides a list of numbers!).
  2. I sold my motorhome a couple of weeks ago and wrote to the Insurance Factory to inform them of that, as well as provide the proof of sale. I paid by monthly DD and assumed that as I was no longer the owner of the vehicle, my insurance would stop. I WAS WRONG!!! Since then, I have received threatening letters and text messages saying that I owe then £200+ and that I am now referred to a debt collection agency. They provided a list of costs which included payment for legal protection; breakdown cover, admin fees and two figures which they recorded as just being under 'costs'. I wrote to them to appeal and to ask for further clarification on the money they say that I owe. I also asked for a copy of the credit agreement with Highway Insurance which outlines the cancellation fee if selling my motorhome, which I never received and so never signed. I accept that there will have been some administrative fee (which they say was £15.00) but the sum of £200+ seems a disproportionately large amount which is neither fair, nor reasonable. I exercised my right to cancel the policy after the sale of the motorhome and yet this has resulted in the company seeking to penalize me for that decision. I have contacted the company by phone 20+ times with little effect and have sent several e-mails which have thus far not been responded to. The reviews of the company are shockingly bad which I wish I had known before taking out insurance with them. Can anyone advise please as I suspect the threatening text messages will continue......
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