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  1. Hi guys, I was involved in a RTA yesterday whilst at work delivering goods for my employer. Witnesses have informed my employer, the police and insurance company that it was not my fault as the other vehicle drove straight into my lane causing me to slam on the breaks. After a couple of 360's across the dual carriageway the van finally came to a stop after thumping the barrier and skidding 100 yards down the road on the drivers side. Unfortunately myself and witnesses never got the registration of the other vehicle who was probably oblivious to what they had caused! After a vis
  2. would they do that though ray? When they went to visit him they said it was not a criminal offence so would they accompany me?
  3. Hi all, My current situation has been covered here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?376545-landlord-issues-rent-arrears&p=4152141#post4152141 My question is this: how would i sue ex landlord in tort interference with goods? After leaving the property on correct date (almost 4 months ago)following s21, we left a couple of items in the property and told landlord about them. he said he would be in touch as to when we could collect. A few days later landlord said "you can have items back when i recieve arrears" (£125). The full deposit amou
  4. i Dont know if anyone can help here. I have been searching the internet but cannot find any answer. our son recently died and im having a hard time finding the account provider of his CTF to close the account. We never used the voucher ourselves and we did recieve a letter stating that the £250 had been automatically put into an account by the government but we cannot find this letter anywhere. There is a helpline number that is now closed that says to go to the GOV website but there is no help on there whatsoever. Has anyone else ever had this problem and recovered the ac
  5. So im between a rock and a hard place ? I personally believe he can not justify the quotes given to me. Fully redecorate is surely betterment? We were there 18 months 2 adults and 3 children (down to 2 6 months ago when our son died) I dont think he understands the meaning of wear and tear! Court here we come
  6. Ok yeah maybe i am ranting a bit and to be honest after reading this and other sites i think it might be good to go to court. But how do i initiate the dps own dispute system ?
  7. Its not a whole house worth only 2 rooms according to check out inventory.
  8. Right guys thought id start this on a new thread (hope thats ok) Quote recieved from landlord fully redecorate property inc: woodwork, doors and ceilings - £350 Full clean including steam clean / deep wash carpets - £199 caulk all edges and frames / re seal bath / repairs to skirting and woodwork - £75 remove all rubbish / goods left on property £99 total - £723 (waiting for further written quotes) Unbelievable !! Surely to fully re decorate would be classed as betterment ? We had the living room professionally cleaned the day we left £26. The
  9. No we never took photos unfortunately ! We also never signed the inventory and sent it to landlord at start of tenancy
  10. to call it a dump when we left is just insulting. Yes there are a few marks on the walls and we didnt clean the oven. Carpets have been professionaly cleaned . Also the photos were taken well before we moved in. I went to the letting agent and they could not provide me with a date they were taken. They have photos of the garden etc. when we left but no move in photos to compare it too
  11. This is the shocking txt i received today. I have asked for a breakdown of prices for the ridiculous decorative pricesi i told him i will collect these from his house but he said if i go near any of his propertys he will call the police !!!
  12. I have report from letting agent and have inspected the place my self. You moved into a lovely well kept, well decorated house and moved out 18 months later leaving a filthy disgusting stinking dump. To return the decorating to it's previous condition will cost £725 to repair other items is £400 you also owe £125 in unpaid rent. You have 7 days to pay £1250 or I will take legal action.
  13. Well this is odd i have been looking through the inventory and there are some blatant mistakes such as beige carpet in hallway when it has always been laminate and spot lights where there are just normal bulbs ?? And many more. The letting agent has told me their are photos of before and after we rented the property but how can i be sure the photos were taken before WE moved in and not the previous 2 tenants that we know of ? Starting to think im never going to see any money back from him !
  14. an update guys. We have now moved out of the property on 9th feb. landlord asked his letting agent to come and do a pre check out inspection. The letting agent told us we should patch up the holes drilled in the walls and paint over some of the stains on the wall which we did. He also said the broken tile is wear and tear ! So we applied for our deposit repayment on sunday. We were 125 in arrears when we left. The status of the deposit is "awaiting landlord response". Is there a timescale he has to respond within or could we be waiting for ages for it to be returned ? Thanks for the help
  15. we have been approved a house which should be ready by end of this month which is a huge relief. We asked the landlord if he would keep the deposit as last month rent but he point blank refused. We can borrow the money to pay last month rent so that is sorted. My real issue now is with the deposit and the 1 broken tile in the bathroom. Can he seriously charge me a full re lay of the bathroom for 1 broken tile?? Also if there is a dispute who decides who is right or wrong?
  16. if it was only last month surely you can get the statements from your old bank? Im pretty sure you can get upto 6 or 7 years worth of statements. I could obviously be wrong though sorry just re read your post is landlord suggesting you didnt pay the fist 4 weeks rent?
  17. well we have been accepted for a property now and should hope to be in before the s21 is up. The 225 rent arrears will be paid tomorrow but our next month rent is due on the 10th and we have no way of paying this on time. Im still very tempted to say keep the deposit for the last months rent but then if the house we are moving into is not ready for us we will be stuck. Or could we just make sure we have a months worth of rent ready for when s21 is up so we wont be in the 2 months arrears category?? Sorry to be a pain!
  18. so i logged onto the council website this morning to find our band A status is confirmed and we are top of the list. Which is a great weight off our mind. Im not completely convinced we will find a place before the 9th of feb so would the best plan of action be to contact landlord and tell him we might be here longer? Or just say nothing until the 9th feb? Would the fact we are in £225 arrears (and quite likely to be in arrears still next month) mean he can evict us any quicker? Or is it as you say only if the arrears are 2 month
  19. oh sorry mariner5 got carried away a bit there. The tenancy started on 10/06/2011 and was for 6 months since that expired we have been on a month to month rolling contract.
  20. hi mariner5 ive read your post a couple of times now and im not sure i understand what you mean or if you just think im in the wrong. No i wouldnt expect 300 pounds worth of shopping for free but if i pay a monthly contract for a internet and tv package i would expect to get the full service and if i was unhappy with the service i was recieving i should be able to complain about it ! I appreciate all the help ive had on this thread but one thing ive notice is there is no mention of the fact he has turned up out of the blue on many occasion without 24 hours agreed notice. Which i tho
  21. sorry if im being thick but. What is the information required by the relevant section and sub-sections? And you mentioned earlier about a copy of my rights?
  22. so what should i do? Obviously get up to date with the rent continue to look for somewhere new. But jets say by the 8th feb we still have not found a new place. Then what?
  23. right ok this is word for word. (Dated 12th november 2012) although i am fully aware of your recent problems and sympathise deeply, i find that once again the rent has not been paid in full and without a word of explanation. This is causing me financial penalties that are not acceptable. I have given you numerous chances in the past but you have let me down once again so consider this a section 21 notice to vacate the premises by 09 02 13. Failure to complete all payments will result in legal action signature
  24. so i can just ignore this letter get upto date with my rent and he will have to give me a new valid s21? Which will be another 2 months? How long does an s21 last because he did give us one last november but he said it was cancelled because we started paying the rent in full on time for 12 months until this november.
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