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  1. Has Welcome Finance ever actually repossed a house????? Its just that although there is so many ppl with secured loans and problems with arrears etc Ive not seen any repossession stories of them. ????
  2. Unfortunatly I have misplaced my agreements and do not have them, also as for ppi this was won a long time ago twice. So Im I best askign for a SAR and also checking the Land Registry?Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I have had a secured loan for almost 8 years with Welcome Finance and have either rewritten loan or set up repayment agreements for any arrears. Since Decemeber I am in arrears of two months including all their charges etc. I did offer a repayment for February but couldnt stick to this as problems arose. Anyway they have now turned up at my door and have requested that I attend their office tomorrow with my bank statements, wage slips and income and expenditure. I advise I will be paying their monthly payment of £270.00 on 29th February and she replied who do we know you will pa
  4. I have had my welcome loan for several years now secured... last few months Ive either paid on time or few weeks later but always been up to day. October I was unable to pay £270 payment and offered to pay £135 yesterday and next week, however due to unforseen circumstances and non payment of a benefit I sent them a fax yesterday offerent them to take £100 from my card yesterday, but they did not do this or try contact me. Now today direct debits have came off the £100 so I am unable to make the payment. I am however able to next Monday when wages will be cleared in our bank. I am stil
  5. My hubby applied for a payday loan today throught toothfairy and it had directed him to cfo and was declined, however he was accepted with wonga and got a low loan. My question is i had a cfo and was in arrears they have 100 from my current card details they hold but cant get anymore as hte account has insufficent funds. Anyway my hubby used our joint account and his card (different from my with cfo) my question is can they trace me through him as we live at same address and they try to take form his account? Would this happen with any of the payday loans as i have 3 (wage day, payduk and ca
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