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  1. This is no help right now but when any government body requires anything delivered by post, I always take it to the post office and get it delivered 1st or 2nd class recorded. If they provide a prepaid envelope, the Post Office will deduct the price of a standard 1st/2nd class stamp from the cost. The amount of notes/forms/complaints/appeals I've known of which "haven't arrived" - you'll probably find if you have to appeal at a later stage that the form will show up with a stamped date of receipt. I hope somebody else can help on how best to proceed.
  2. So - as far as this forum is aware, should the DWP accept the courts recommendation?
  3. She is definiely in the Work Related Activity Group. The letter definitely states "...recommends reassessment after 24 months" (corrected from "within 24 months"). In terms of the fact, it strikes me that the WRAG is the correct place for her to be. She has significant issues but she is working through them and optimistic about going back to work (ONCE THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN DEALT WITH!). Who should she be getting in touch with, the JC+ or the Tribunals service?
  4. Hiya, Helping my friend out once again with her latest ESA issue. After a pretty awful 14 months with no benefit or the 'assesment rate', my friend finally got to a Tribunal, where her score jumped from 6 points to 30 points. The tribunal placed her in the WRAG - which makes sense because her intention is to return to work - however the Tribunal recommended the maximum period of 24 months before reassessment in light of the serious problems she needs to tackle before that'll be realistic. Fantastic - I felt that was exactly the right result for her. I accompanied her to the JC+ thi
  5. I've been helping my flatmate with her claim for ESA for 18 months now. When we both moved house, the JCP investigated us and found that we were living as a couple [ consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?324511-ESA-Suspended-(-quot-Living-with-Partner-quot-)&p=3598108#post3598108 ]. After several months of frankly talking to a brick wall, we finally got our local CAB involved. The CAB themselves said actually everything we'd done was good, and just gathered up a few more statements and forwarded them on. Within a couple of months, the JCP had reversed the decision - hurray...
  6. A few days on and the situation's the same... if anybody has any information I'd really appreciate any advice!
  7. Hi, I'm the flatmate of a young woman who suffers from severe anxiety and claims ESA. Her family do not support her condition, and the condition itself means she doesn't have many friends/contacts so combined with the restriction on Housing Benefit to only support her on a 'shared' basis (she is under 25) she doesn't have a choice really about where she lives (we're both happy with the arrangement I should say, we get on well and it's beneficial for my finances too). We have lived at 3 separate addresses - first time moving because our fixed term tenancy was up, then because neither of
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