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  1. For the forum members who appear not to have read your post properly, are the following statements correct?


    1. The Court failed to tell Marstons they'd received a direct payment AFTER the warrant was issued?

    2. Marstons pursued the admin fee and fine initially as expected of them?

    3. After being informed the fine was paid direct to the court, Marstons pursued the admin fee which they're entitled to do?

    4. After evidence of vulnerability was supplied, Marstons stopped enforcement and sent the warrant back to the court?


    Am I missing something or has the bailiff company done everything by the book?



    %ostrich% Yes Marston did do everything by the book.

  2. After Tomtubby took on my case, Marstons backed down and returned the warrant back to HMCS. forfeiting their fees and charges.

    But knowing the way Marstons have no difficulty in bending the rules to make monetary gain i'm sure they will make up their loss off

    some other poor unsuspecting person.

    Don't forget to watch ITV Monday night , the truth about bailiffs.

    And thank you Tomtubby keep up the good work.



  3. HI can anyone help as CAB refuse to deal with court fines.


    My story begins with a magistrates court fine for breach of a restraining order by my ex

    i went to see my kids last Christmas and her new fella called the police, i was arrested and given a £465 fine, i paid regular instalments until i lost my job.[ I had a nervous breakdown though all the stress of my 20 year marriage break up, and not seeing my children]

    Anyhow i paid smaller amounts off my fine, as i was unemployed and could not claim benefits,because i had left my job voluntarily. i got a letter of the courts and i arranged to pay what i could afford they agreed to £5 per week. i then got a letter of marston bailiffs stating they had been instructed by the courts to collect the remaining balance £120 plus £75 fees.

    I borrowed £120 and paid my fine direct to the courts the next day.

    i then heard nothing from Marston for months but recently i have received a bill from the for £275

    i rang and asked them what it was for they say its £75 for collecting my fine and £200 for a visit to my home.[they say i was out when they called].

    Today i received another letter from Marston saying if i don't pay £275 within 14 days they will come and take my property to the value of £475 pounds . and each time i don't pay them they will add another £200 to visit me.

    I am on ESA [ invalidity benefit at the moment], after my nervous breakdown and i am on tablets and consultation to get me through a dark time in my life.

    These demands for money to collect a fine they know has already been paid are really getting me down, is there anything i can do.

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