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  1. I need to write to them but Im worried on so many levels. Ive never been in a situation like this before. I contacted cccs but as the debt is in my name only and I have zero personal income they cant really help. I know I need to stop making the payments otherwise we are not going to keep up the mortgage but Im worried about court and debt collectors getting involved. Also the fact that the mortgage is with the Halifax is worrying us.
  2. Thank you, unfortunatly neither can really help. We have had advice and are getting all the benefits we are entitled to but we still cant manage the payments. My wife is 10 years younger than me and according to age concern any benefit I would get in my name would be taken off my wifes as she calims for us as a couple which is what the benefits office advised. I really need to know how to deal witth the Halifax as I just cant meet the payment due in the next few days.
  3. I am a new member of the forums and I am in a difficult situation and dont know how to sort it out so I would be grateful for any help. I have been reading the forums to see if I can find a similar situation to mine but as yet havent found one. My situation. - I have almost 10,000 debt on a Halifax credit card. I have always paid on time each and month but now the interest is such that I am paying £150+ a month in interest only. I have not worked for 3 years. I was self employed but went out of business and have not been able to find another job. I am 60 years old which is
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