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  1. Brilliant! you got it right! we would have been in real trouble in OH if gone without a grievance. She will post one now. Thanks again. I will you keep you posted. Prishan
  2. A heartfelt thanks to you papas for giving me a so thoughtful advice. she is hesitant to come on a public forum as she doesn't clearly know where she would stand with regard to confidentiality since she is still employed and in a without prejudice dialogue with her employer. As regard the Unions, she stopped seeking their help it is now about a year as she found them in complicity with her employer and was giving her advice that went against her interests. Now her focus is entirely on her employer as they were trying to do 'detriments to her. She has reported to the employer on various occasions about her disability that she has been assessed and diagnosed by an authority expert yet they never showed by any means that they now acknowledge this but referred her to OH for an assessment when she has gone on long term sick due to the stress caused by them. They kind of mix her disability up with her sickness due to stress. She is concerned if going to OH is a trap to do their assessment and attempt to dispute her specialist report while they are not recognising her disability. Any thoughts please. As she hasn't yet raise a grievance in regard to her disabilty is she running out of time? Or is it not the case that every time they ignore her letters regarding disability and discrimination the time clock is set back to the start? Please advice. Advice from you all is highly appreciated! and thanks again to you Papas for filling us with so brilliant info!
  3. To date my mate is helping herself. Couldn't rely on her unions coz' her reps always prevented her from putting up any grievance and all the time insist she has no claim. Very strange! they took her subscriptions but worked as though for the employer. But, I guess she should get a proper legal support problem is she finds they are either not affordable or hard to spot the right one! Can anyone up with a tips to best way to find a affordable and reliable legal help? She has legal on home insurance but the problem is they are only on helpline support. thanks in advance for all your advice.
  4. hi Nutter..thanks. me and mate are following your thread for sometime! Thumbs up dude! we are really inspired by the way you dealt your and your employer. simply amazing. Your courage, determination and perseverance are laudable! will keep you posted. I will ask my mate to do what you advised.
  5. Hi rebel. thank you for so quick response. Brilliant! I will tell my mate and will keep you all posted. Any advice is highly appreciated from you all!
  6. I am a newbee! I have some queries for my mate, who has been working in UK in a large monopoly organisation for past 8 years. They (employer and peers) took dislike of her from the very beginning and as such she felt being mistreated all through yet she didn’t raise her voice for fear of escalation in to an untenable situation. she went on rather focusing on her work but few years later her employer suddenly raised concerns about her performance short of particularising any complaints and sent her for performance assessment whereby recommendation came was that she should be given training to improve her performance and including behaviour coaching and interpersonal communication, as team work and leadership skills considered to be affecting his performance, hwoever there was issue with her personal conduct. In spite of the recommendation, the employer failed to find the necessary training for her in almost 3 years time. Now, they are asking her to take up either a downgrade or resign from her job, alternatively they warned her about facing a competence procedure. In all this time she continued to be subject to abuse and discrimination even in the current without prejudice meeting. The employer kept her off work for 17 months without folowing a correct contractual procedure and afterward brought her back to a different department in a supernumerary position for where she is for the past 12 months. AS the without prejudice dialogue was dragging on without any constructive progress as the employer refused to discuss their failing to implement recommnedation for retraining her she had to go sick off work due to stress at work caused by them. Meanwhile, she spoke to me and other friends about her performance report and we felt that there is something wrong about it. We suggested her to see an expert for an independent assessment whereby the expert diagnosed her with asperger’s syndrome and childhood ADHD. Subsequently, she informed her employer about her disability and argued the earlier assessment was wrong as at the time she has disability and they failed to spot her disability which they should have done for the fact that the assessors were senior medical experts. She also argued that complaints and outcome results of the assessment were actually arising from her disability as the very nature of her disability suggests the concerns about her behaviour, communication skills and teamworking. Unfortunately, the employer continued to disregard her notification of her disability. they don't even acknolwledge her disability and didn't show taking any steps towards any readjustments. They continue to stick to their earlier position and fails to answer any reasonable question she did ask. Furtshermore, they are disregarding her being sick due to stress they caused, although she put a grievance against any intention to demote her and being brought to work in an entirely defferent department where the nature of job is one for a demoted. Given the above isn't the assessment wrong as it was applied at the time considering her having no disability in addition to their failure to spot it? Had it been spooted at the time assessment would surely have been put on hold as it is so mentioned in the assesssors handbook. Had the employer knew earlier of the disability my mate believes they couldn't sent her for assessment instead they had to look into readjustments. Had it been known earlier the complaints were explainable and would have been considered as arising from her disability. Secondly, can they invoke sickness procedure whereby they can either dismiss her or reduce her pay in spite of her being sick due to stress caused by the employer themselves. Can you please advice me? I will be grateful for all your comments. she needs some good support and needs to know where she stands in the eyes of law. She is by now quite devastated from the length of period of misery she is going through. She always thought that UK is the place on earth where fairness and justtice prevails over everything! Her beliefs are getting shattered with each day as it passes. She tried to obtain help from her unions but found them talking in the tune of the employer. She feels betrayed by them! Prishan
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