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    Thanks Merton After I posted I went to my GP and asked if ATOS had requested a copy of my medical condition, which I was told they would, and the answer was no. I think this odd. I then phoned JCP to get hold of a copy of the medical report and had a long conversation with one of the assessor. She said it was strange they had not obtain a copy and advised me to appeal. She said as the appeal is regarding the group I've been placed in, I would still get the same amount of money as I had already been granted ESA. (I've read that if you appeal your benefit goes down to basic).
  2. Hi A couple of moths ago I went through the 'medical assessment' at ATOS and have found out I've been placed in WRAG. Now I wonder about if this so-called assessment was in accordance to 'contract' with DWP. In the leaflet that came with the form it states : 'All their (ATOS) healthcare professionals have a wide medical experience. They also have special training to carry out your type of medical assessment'. A short medical history: last year I had four operations and underwent cancer treatment of my tonsil. One of my operations my neck muscle and lymph nodes were taken out and
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