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  1. Hi, Quick update. Haven't heard from LINK since the complaint, not even a phone call or text! Sent a complaint to the FOS who will look into GE Money for the charges as LINK did not add them originally. They responded very quickly to the application and have been very proactive so far.... FOS cant do anything about the PPI as its pre 2005 . I even used a couple of the online PPI claim companies as a last resort and they sent the paperwork back as they don't think its a case they can win. So will wait and see for the charges for now. Steve
  2. Hello, Here is a response from Link regarding the complaint, seems I'm getting nowhere here. Steve
  3. Hi, Draft of letter attached for LINK. could be a first, asking LINK for money!!?? Steve
  4. Fletch, apologies the terms and conditions were on the back of the application form.
  5. Thanks Brigadier. I'll send off the forms and see what happens.
  6. Thanks, They only sent that form and a copy of the statement with payments ( and charges) made.
  7. Thanks I'm dealing with Link who I'm sure wont give it up so easily. What exactly is wrong with the agreement and how to I approach them with the problem? I'm sure if I send them the two claims, ppi and charges, they'll just fob me off back to GE money
  8. I have 1,645.96 outstanding on this loan.
  9. Thanks, any of the team able to check this over for me?
  10. Thanks guys. Just received the credit agreement from LINK (attached), All in order I think.... I will have to begin payments again as they seem to have the paperwork Now do I send LINK the copy letter from GE Money explaining they are responsible for the unlawful charges along with the spreadsheet etc? And the same time letter to GE Money requesting a copy of the default letter sent to me to see if they requested payment of the full amount including charges. I feel GE Money is a waste of time and should just go down the FOS route. What do you think? attachment converted to pdf - dx
  11. I hope you mean the guy from GE as 'Muppet'? So is my only course of action for the unlawful charges/default the FOS? Steve
  12. Hello, Thanks for the advice re Zenith I'll see how that one goes... Here is a reply from GE Money regarding the charges and default. I cant see how Link are responsible for complaint against fees as GE Money applied the fees not Link.... And if the fees applied are unlawful then the default is incorrect, something they never explained in this letter ie what did they supply to the CFA's. any advice?
  13. Thanks guys Just the GE Money charges/default to tackle now. I'll update this post when I eventually get a response from them.
  14. Hi, What do I do now about LINK? LINK have not supplied the original agreement and I've sent the account in dispute letter. I've stopped payments to LINK as what is outstanding on the debt appears to be the same amount added to the loan by unfair charges and PPI. Steve
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