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  1. Thanks Padja, So I guess she's kind of at their mercy and whether they feel like offering good customer service that day Sounds like Nokia CS was good, offering your choice of the range, luckily the 4th(!) one worked out. If anyone's been down a similar road with phones4u I'd be interested to hear how it worked out
  2. Hi all, My sister went into phones4u on Saturday to upgrade her phone and extend her contract. She came back with an iphone3gs on a £30pm contract. This is a 2 and a half year old phone, she doesn't have a mac, itunes, ipad or even a PC. Surely this isn't the right 'phone4her' and having just got a samsung galaxy s2 (£28.50pm) myself which is 4x as powerful, nearly 3x better camera etc. I'm planning to take her in to the store on tuesday and ask for an exchange. From reading up I can see she's not entitled to a refund but are they likely to turn around and say 'tough cheese
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