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  1. Hello, I need some further advice where possible please. I managed to get advice form national debt line who helped me work out a budget and an amount I could afford to pay Scott and Co. Basically I called Scott and Co directly to arrange this and the payment of £120 per month was arranged by direct debit. Unfortunately I was just made unemployed as of 30th of September and couldn't afford to pay the amount, this is mainly due to my employer overpaying wages previously and reclaiming it form my wage (another long story) and receiving very little this month as well as having no income going forward until I find new employment. I cancelled the direct debit from my account as it had bounced and didn't want to incur any further charges, Scott and Co sent a Summary for warrant the day after (interesting document, they state the total without taking into account the monthly payments). I'd been so busy in trying to find new employment I let this slide as I had a few interviews and had and other things to deal with and today I just received an earnings arrestment schedule from Scott and Co. This will fail (I think) as I was only due some holiday back-pay and a weeks wages however my employer has stated they're using it to cover the over payment they gave me earlier in the year meaning I won't receive any wage for this final pay cycle. I would like to ask: - If the arrestment document should name a local sherriff court that this was granted? All it shows is an another address for Scott and Co. - Is it possible that I can still file a time to pay document to a Sherrif court, especially given that I have no income at this present time and I'm waiting to hear about JSA etc? - If the above isn't possible, is it best to contact Scott and Co to let them know of my recent unemployment? I don't want it to end up becoming an exceptional attachment order where they can enter my property, frankly I don't have much and really don't want to lose anything. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!
  2. Helllo, thanks again for the responses. The only thing that concerns me is the part that notes: There's no obvious reference to the court reference number and the date seems to be scribbled in pen which is making me question whether its legit, would the local Sheriff court be able to supply these details after looking at the document? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your response Crocdoc, I'll get this done asap. Do you guys have any templates for income and expenditure as this one with this isn't suitable? Thanks
  4. Thanks I will do and look forward to further advice on this!
  5. Hi, I've received a letter posted through my door titled "Charge for payment of money", this is regarding some outstanding Council Tax that I have not been able to pay. I have seen the posting titled 'Have you received a charge for payment/arrestment/summary warrant?' However I'm not sure who or where I need to send the documents to, it's on behalf of my local council but from Scott and Co. There's no listing of court address so would I apply for a payment schedule or time to pay through Scott and Co? Any advice on this would be appreciated, thanks!
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