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  1. Thanks for your reply. I've already contacted the council regarding the vermin issue. I actually went up the attic today to take photos and it's pretty grim. Previous existing traps already filled with dead animals and there are different types and numerous traps laid out everywhere . Even the water tank is not covered even though it has a cover. Not sure if the water has been contaminated and not willing to take the chance. I managed to speak to the neighbour today who confirmed he called out pest control in Dec as he had issues with noises in the loft. In the meantime I received an email from the management company who apologized and advised the situation is not satisfactory. I will be moving out on Monday regardless and will fight this till the end Rgds
  2. Hi, I signed a AST for one year with no break clause included. My tenancy started on the 1st of March but did not move in until the 8th of March. 4 things I've encountered in one week. 1/ No sky wiring from the communal sky dish which I was told by the management agent said there was. Not an issue for me. 2/. The toilet took 30 minutes to fill once flushed. So I reported this. Plumber came and fixed. Still takes a few minutes to fill but not an issue. 3/. Water pressure is so bad that can't even shower as the hot water flow is so bad that even affects kitchen tap which has a weak flow of water. Was told today that a pump would be fitted next week. 4/. Rats and mice in the loft. Every morning upon waking up about 7 with loud noises coming from the attic. When the plumber came round to fix the toilet he had to go in the loft to fit a pipe. When he got down from the loft he told me that there was a load of traps scattered around the loft. I told him i am woken up at 7 in the morning by the noises in the attic. He advised me to contact the management agent to get them to call out pest control. Pest control came today and stop their head up in the attic and told me he can smell the rats. Went up and found mice rats and a dead squirrel. This was the last draw for me so I had a blazing row and I have decided to end my tenancy leave. the management agents denied that they knew about any vermin issues despite there being traps laid in the loft before my tenancy. As the rats and mice are still there this leads me to believe there is an issue with these vermin. Also noticed all pipes leading into walls have been blocked up by some kind of putty in the bathroom. pest control did lay down the traps and have two further visits planned. The management agent will probably come after me for early termination, but as the state the flat is at the moment I feel like I've been misold and all these issues should have been taking care of from the beginning of the tenancy. The vermin issue has really affected me today. I've call the council to complain about the rat and mice Infestation I'm going to send them an email outlining reasons why I've left and that I would be giving up my Tenancy, has anyone got any tips on how to move forward. Thanks
  3. That's a good idea. i will do. Thanks for that...
  4. had a call from Cabot at work today. asked my name i said yes and said she had to go through a few personal details before she could progress with the call. i said no. she then said when can she call back and said goodbye. Seems they are ramping up their intimidation.
  5. just received another letter for Cabot offering a 75% discount on debt.
  6. Thanks Dx,. Will ignore for now and see what happens. Thanks
  7. Thanks Dx,. Will ignore for now and see what happens. DVDs
  8. hi dx, its an old next directory debt that i assume dropped of my credit report years ago, ive been checking my credit report religiously every month for the last 2 and a half years and its never appeared. thanks
  9. got home from work and found a letter from Cabot advising they confirmed i live at my address and are chasing a debt which is probably 7-8 years old. this debt has never appeared on my credit report in 2.5 years ive never acknowleged the debt or attempted to pay this off. do i ignore this letter or take action? Thanks
  10. Just need some advice regarding a defaul notice and ccj. I have a default notice on my Noddle credit report dated 10/01/2010 which fell off my credit report 10/01/2016. However I signed onto Credit Compass and found a CCJ for the same debt dated 08/07/2013. As the default has now dropped off my noddle report will the CCJ for the same debt remain on the credit comoass for 6 years. The debt has been marked as satisfied. Why did my noddle report not show the CCJ and vice versa. What's the difference with these noddle and credit compass which are both generated through call credit. Many thanks
  11. contacted FSCS and FOS. Today received a response from FSCS who advised compensation will be paid. however, it will be off set against the balance due. meaning i still owe 800 odd. FOS still dealing with my case and hopefully they will resolve the matter for me. FSCS advised that if FOS wipe the dept owed then I will be paid the compensation directly. Default notice also has disappeared from my credit report. Thinks seem to be moving.
  12. Guess I'll have to go down the route of the FSCS & FOS
  13. Received the attached letter from welcome today. Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thx
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