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  1. I have not received an eviction notice from the court but a letter from eversheds asking to empty on the 4th November saying possession has been granted. Mortgage is only in my name I did not attend as I was not aware there was a date I was asked to pay majority in December and continue payments I had then a visit from pdp an independent whom asked me to carry on paying I could not due to an ongoing litigation matter as I was self employed. I am now in full time employment can pay most of previous arrears and continue to make future payment. My mortgage is with mars capital an indepen
  2. I have had massive financial difficulties in my self employed situation got my self a new job and can now afford mortgage plus arrears. I have had no notification to a court hearing. I was aware of arrears and was waiting for my salary to come to pay them off. I am in arrears of 3000 which are for last 8 months and was nit able to keep to my suspended possession order which was granted last November 2010. What should I do ? How can I keep my home now ? Need step by step guide ? Please tell me how? Can the mortgage company stop the eviction?
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