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  1. Thanks for that, Rebel. Sorry, just realised that I hadn't even thanked you (just recovering from this bug that's going around, and hasn't been helped by the stress of trying to get this resolved). I did email Clare Gilmartin, haven't had a reply or even an acknowledgement though. Not really surprised though. I didn't actually make it a complaint, although did state my grievances about CS, but explained the problem and asked her if she could please look into it and sort it out. I thought I'd keep it 'quite nice' give her a chance to resolve it. Would a Letter of Complaint make a difference? I've asked them where I can find their Complaints Policy, was given false information by CS, and told I'd find it on the Help tab on the site, lol. If someone would only do their job, they'd receive the fees that I do owe!! lol
  2. Don't know if I'm posting this in the right place, I'm demented right now after yet another phone call to so called eBay 'Customer Support' (and must have downed 1/2 bottle of vodka just trying to deal with those numpties!). Basically, I've been phoning eBay for the past 6 weeks (since my account was hijacked). They credited most of the fees for the 200 items not listed by me) but not all of them. I have been passed around every department, some of them telling me that 'everything's been credited' when it's not, spent hours on the phone to them (nearly 4 hours one night), I just keep getting passed around to every department, and no one seems capable, or willing, to sort this out. I want this sorted out so that I can pay the fees that I do actually owe, and obviously to keep my account. Anyonw know how to deal with these 'dafties'???
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