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  1. hi i'm also having issues with these people took a £450 loan out now stands at £1120 something stupid like that. i've sent emails offering to pay back £600, £100 every 4 weeks which they refused. there now saying its going to court for a ccj. i say bring it on.
  2. Hi i got a letter saying someone last week was going to turn up and never did. i've don't know of anyone who has recieved this letter that had them turn up. i think the next thing that happens is it gets referred to a company called fredericks, after that they try court but again not heard from anyone who has got to court
  3. it was about £200 i rung the bank and they refunded straight away.did took it all in bits you know like £25 here and there £100 all added up tho. all one after the other as well. they sent me a text tho saying they were going to start legal action against me for getting the money back. not heard anything since tho and that was on the 7th
  4. just be so much easier if they would freeze interest and allow a payment plan but they won't. they told me every payment delays the debt collectors for 30 days. did you have people at your door. i'm a young mum of 2 and hate all of this. i worry every time i hear a car wondering if its debt collectors. such a weight to deal with. wish i never got involved
  5. i'm also a victim to this horrible company. took a loan out for £400 to repay £512 was unable due to fiancial problems rung and explained but there not bothered. they took near enough every penny out of my bank which wasn't alot. so cancelled card and got a new one. they sent a letter about 2 weeks ago saying i now owe them £955.50. complained to ombersman they've got 8 weeks to reply. i've sent numerous emails offering a settlement figure but there not innterested and will continue to add interest until its cleared. my last offer was them £600, 6 payments of £100 every 4 weeks. they just replied thank you but the interest will continue until account in cleared. complete nightmare. my partner has said dont pay anything let it go to court first. there is no where around here that does the ukash vouchers and i'm not using my card again and they'll no doubt keep the details and take money again as and when they please.
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