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  1. I am not sure, I see there is a Bryan Carter who everyone on the net is complaining about (they have a site dedicated to complaints about them). Capital Finance One was very hazy with the details. So to be honest I do not know who I am dealing with. They call now and again from a mobile number and hit me with some threats and abuse. They have not even sent me an official letter, however they feel they can still take this to court (while Capital Finance One are being investigated by FOS & BCCA) and threaten for debt collectors to arrive at my house armed with a locksmith incase I do not ans
  2. We'll I bluffed I had the call recorded, however they hit me with "so is ours". They seem to be very unprofessional and have no interest in the fact that Capital Finance One are being invesigated by the FOS and now also the BCCA. Fools!
  3. Morning As per my previous post, I have had some problems with Carter & Co. I thought I found the correct people, however after sending an Email, they advised me that they never heard of me??? I contacted Capital Finance One, who have passed the debt to these cowboys, and I asked them of a mailing address & telephone number for them. They gave me the following info: Carter and Co Kirkdale Road, Kirkdale House Leytonstone E11 1HP Telephone number 01617381203 I cannot find anything on the net with regards to the company name, address or telephone n
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. I have also contacted the BCCA as per your advice. A new situation has come to light I spoke to Bryan Carter & Co today (very unprofessional to say the least). They threatened me with court action, then they stated that a debt collector would be knocking at my door within the week....oh and they also said the debt collector would be accompanied by a lock smith incase I did not answer. He also gave me a very childish name and put on a voice in which he sounded like some sort of gameshow host. I done a bit of digging and managed to get the Email address of a part
  5. Dear All. I stupidly got a £100.00 loan from CFO. Due to their practices and excessive fines, I contacted the Financial Ombudsman. They are looking into my case and are investigating these cowboys. A few weeks passed after the investigation got underway and I receive a phone call today from Carter & Co (Debt Collectors) stating that the debt has been sold onto them. I explained that the Financial Ombudsman was investigating CFO and I was instructed by the Ombudsman not to pay anything until the investigation had concluded. They did not know anything about this and were annoyed!
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