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  1. Just a quick update Still nothing from Lowells or Court, I hate being in Limbo lol.
  2. The DQ has been put in my files already, As lowell has sent the DQ why did the court tell me it was not sent to them or thru them and the claim is still stayed.
  3. Yeah she wasn't impressed , and said we'll we definitely haven't sent it and the claimant has not paid for the stay to be lifted. So I'm just gonna wait and see what Lowell do now, BUT if I receive DQ from the courts I will respond to that one but can I leave the one Lowell have sent as it's not from the courts.
  4. So I take it lowell are pushing their luck and trying to scare me into paying...
  5. Just spoke to the court and the stay is still in effect lowell solicitors has not paid for it to be lifted, defence submitted 6/9/16 stayed 10/10/2016 as she told me (ccbc) nothing more from lowells. And the DQ was not sent from the court.
  6. UPDATE again Just checked mcol again and Lowell solicitors still haven't responded, mcol is still showing last entry as my defence BUT this morning I have received a letter from lowell solicitor saying 'Please find enclosed a copy of the Directions Questionnaire which we have lodged with the court. You will shortly receive a copy from the courts for completion and return. the court will use the information contained in both our copies and yours to make a decision about how the case will proceed' Do I wait and see if I get the same from the courts and also I thou
  7. This is another letter from solicitors!!! They still haven't responded to the court.
  8. Just received another letter from Lowells Solicitors, stating they have now issued legal proceedings in the form of a county court claim which I will shortly receive from Northampton as I have failed to make payment or respond to their letter of claim...... I have already submitted defence THEY haven't responded to that and Bulk centre have confirmed claim is currently stayed as no response from Lowells. The last part of the letter states if I do not contact them or reply to the claim in the time specified they may enter a ccj against me!!! I gather this is just a generic letter
  9. Just had a basic sar come thru from studio, consists of statement of account, set up date and that's about it nothing else. I've noticed a lot of service charges and administration charges aswell
  10. Will upload cca in a bit. According to studio my sar request was sent out to me on the 18th Aug 2016 BUT I have not received it , I have a feeling they have sent it to my old address even tho I specifically stated my current address for it to be sent too. Am I right in asking for it to be resent to my current address without having to pay the 10 pound again?
  11. Easiest way to explain it was the illness daughter had in October (before 12th ) employer took it from this month's , daughter only works 3 days a week, so after having 2 days pay taken she was only given 1 hour pay and parental pay.
  12. Don't worry we managed to understand why it was so low
  13. Hey pay slip just shows Salary 1.00 7.2000 7.20 Parental pay £11*.37 No page paid no NI paid Then total pay ect to date Then her pay of £12*.** And yes she has her contract Also this was yesterday's pay slip
  14. Morning all Right my daughter has been employed in a nursery for just over 2 years, she has just gone on maternity leave (7/11/2016). Her wages are paid on the 12th of every month, she received her wage slip for this month yesterday and has only been paid just over £100.00. When she asked her employer her employer has stated she was paid for all of October on the 12th October, and maternity pay is not paid in advance, she also stated she pays wages 11 days in arrears and the rest in advance. My daughters usual take home pay is just over £800 a month. She took 2 days of ill in October bef
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