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  1. Out of interest, is it this car shown on Google street view at their very impressive registered office? http://maps.google.com/maps?q=15+Lyndhurst+Terrace,+Camden+Town,+United+Kingdom&hl=en&ll=51.552126,-0.174301&spn=0.003662,0.009645&sll=51.552529,-0.174944&layer=c&cbp=13,233.66,,0,5.22&cbll=51.552656,-0.17464&hnear=15+Lyndhurst+Terrace,+London+NW3+5QA,+United+Kingdom&t=h&z=17&vpsrc=0&panoid=9mkp2am41cIioj_JnnDEHg
  2. I am trying to decide whether to inform the court that I am unable to settle without having the documentation that I have requested TC provide or should I negotiate with TC now they are offering a settlement?
  3. An update. I rang the court and they confirmed that TC had returned their AQ. I emailed TC to ask if they intended to negotiate with me or continue with their claim. They responded and have offered to settle for £148. According to their website they charge £24 for every £100 borrowed. This is in addition to the £20 they charge for a same-day transfer. (I borrowed £100 and received £80 into my account). So far TC have refused to supply me with any documentation, no breakdown of charges and no evidence of the communication they claimed to have made with me. I received no emails, letters,
  4. I received notification by letter from Power2contact that they were going to apply for a warrant at my local County Court to disconnect my electricity supply. I didnt receive the letter until after the court date. Are they or the court obliged to write to me to state they have obtained the warrant? I intend to call the Court tomorrow to find out if it was issued, but just wondering if I should have been notified?
  5. Thanks everyone. After receiving the N1 form, I contacted Tower Capital and in 3 separate emails I offered to pay the original loan figure plus one months interest. They repeatedly refused to settle for less than their claim amount of £235 and referred me to my agreement and their terms and conditions which are not available on their website and they refuse to supply to me without direction from the court. I have emailed TC today to reiterate my offer and once again request the documentation. If they refuse again I will request ask the court to strike out their claim.
  6. Thanks Mooshy. Of the 3 options, the last one is that both parties must file a completed allocation questionnaire with the court. I filed mine on time. The first option is for the claimant and the second is requesting a further extension which I don't need. I did formally request the documentation quoting the CPR and sent recorded delivery to Tower Capital. They responded acknowledging my letter and said they were awaiting direction from the court and didn't supply anything. I was surprised that the DJ didn't ask them to supply this information to me as I mentioned it in my defence and on th
  7. Bump. I'm wondering whether I should attempt to settle again with Tower Capital or wait to hear again from the court?
  8. I am looking for advice as to what to do next - April 2011 - I took out a Payday Loan with Tower Capital. Loan was for £100, after their "transfer charges" I received £80 into my account. The loan was due for repayment end of that month. The same month I opened a new bank account and my wages were paid into the new account. Tower Capital were unable to take the amount from my previous account, however I received no contact from them in any form. I assumed I had left enough money in the old account and genuinely did not realise they had not taken payment - I agree that was my fault for no
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