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  1. Basically I was working last year for just over 2.5 months, and I was in receipt of WTC during that time. When I finished work, WTC never had enough notice to stop the following week's WTC payment going to my bank account. So that was taken out of four week run-on, and I got the WTC run-on cheque minus the £46 overpayment - which I was fine with, because I knew what had happened. From then on I thought everything was rosey, until I got a letter last week, asking me to confirm some details - which I did. Now today, I am told I owe them just over £46. I am not currently working, and this is a severe dent in my pocket right now. I phoned WTC up (thanks SAYNOTO0870.COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers) and I explained myself to the kind chap. At first he couldn't see my run-on had been paid, which made me think that's why they think I owe them this money. But then he found it, and pretty much said "say what you've said on this dispute form, and in all honesty I think you'll get it written off". Obviously I can't take him at his word, because he never promised. But I think he's seen they've not realised the overpayment was taken out of my four week run on. Anybody got any tips on how to get this sorted out?
  2. Very miffed - phoned JSA up this morning, and they will be deducting my JSA payments to recover the £140 payment made to me by WTC. So much for being better off, after going to work - so far, I'm no better off and finding that what's given to me in one hand, is taken out the other.
  3. Beginning to feel like I'm getting a raw deal - I might as well either tell the dole to have my £140-odd cheque, or tell WTC to stick their run-on payment because it's more hassle than it's worth!
  4. Weekly, I was only getting £46.22 WTC. I get about £59 JSA just now. So I'm getting £140-something off WTC (that's minus the overpayment they made). Will JSA say they will not pay me for two weeks and three days? (£140 / £59 = 2.37 weeks worth of JSA). I phoned WTC up, and they said JSA shouldn't be affected, because the WTC is something I'm entitled to. Hmm.
  5. Right finished work from an agency nearly a month ago now. Now WTC have sent me a letter saying thanks for letting us know you work less than 16 hours/week, etc. It says a payment is due (four week run-on, from the date I finished work). But on the other side of the letter, it's telling me I should let the jobcentre know about this run-on. Now will this affect my benefit? Will the jobcentre stop my payments for the period that the payment from WTC covers? I'm beginning to regret WTC now - seems a right pain!
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