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  1. Thanks Karn for stopping by I rang the courts again and was told that my information would be put before the judge tomorrow and they will contact me to see what he recommends. Apparantly they have many cases lodged against banks at the moment but have not had one go to court yet. The first case they have going before a judge is at the end of the month so they said they should have more of an idea how things go. They did laugh about the fax fom the Abbey being so informal and with no signature. I just hope the judge sets my hearing date asap. Eyespy
  2. Hi All Well just had a letter from the Abbey reagrding the telephone hearing booked by the court for the 31 MArch. This telephone hearing was because I had amended my original claim to reflect an actual figure not an estimated one. By Facsimile 01782 854046 6th March 2007 Dear Madam We refer to the notice of Hearing of the application to amend the Claimant's particulars dated 1/03/07. Please note that the Defendant neither consents to nor opposes the Claimant's application and on this basis does not propose to participate in the proposed telephone hearing. We hav
  3. Hi thanks Nick I see what your saying, I just wish I could remember it! Everytime I think about going to court my head empties and I feel like Im in la la land! I feel a lot more positive now about getting my money back. You know I started this last June and I am determined to get my money for this summer. ill keep you all posted eyespy x
  4. Ok just had call from the court. This telephone hearing is purely because I made an application to my claim, an ammendment of the claim figure. SO this is just to clarify the actual claim. I made a change to the claim figure because my initial claim was an estimated figure, no statements received. So I am now claiming for £1900 and A FULL REMOVAL OF THE DEFAULT NOTICE they gave me after I had submitted the initial claim. It looks like my court hearing will be next month at the earliest!! Im worried that when the OFT ruling comes into force that the Abbey will only refund m
  5. Im having an awful time with Abbey. I have just recieved my notice of hearing from the court BUT its a telephone hearing???? On the guideline sheet they sent me it says "Hearings excluded if the hearing could result in final determination of the whole or part of the claim" I have just rang the court and asked if this is correct, they are calling me back ASAP. If it is by telephone what do you suggest I do? I asked about a case summary and the court are casually saying the Abbey will let me have that in advance of the hearing, which I know wont happen!! This has gone on for so l
  6. hi me again all Abbey links http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/abbey-bank/ eyespy
  7. HI there welcome to Abbeyland!! Have you read the letters in the templates library? You need to send the DPA statement request letter qith a £10.00 cheque. I have found that this is the only way to get them. You dont normally get them till the 11th hour, like after you have put a claim in. Start sending letters from the library, do copies for yourself and send them track and trace delivery or they will say they are not received. hope this helps eyespy x:)
  8. Hi I hope you get them if not use the DPA template and send £10.00 to ensure they have to provide you with them all. Eyespy x
  9. PLEASE SEE MY OTHER THREAD Eyespy Vs Abbey THANKS TO LULA BUT I MADE A MISTAKE IN POSTING IN 2 THREADS, EYESPY hey Lula how u know about our oatcakes????
  10. thanks mad mick its good to know people are still watching out for me. yes I made a mistake by adding it to my other thread. I just wanted to keep it in discussion and start a new thread to help newbies who were jumping onto my thread for advice on what to do first. Ill mull over today what to do. I told my bank I had been made redundant but would pay off O/D as soon as I got money, that was like the red flag to them, they demanded repayment of unauthorised O/D, telling me as soon as it was paid they would close my account, then they passed it to a debt collection agen
  11. This is my story so far at every stage I have thought about giving up, just to let you all know that I will see this through to the end. you must keep a sense of humour with the Abbey because they really will give you the 'run around'. 04/01/07 Overdraft paid off in full. £1600 which includes 2 monthly interest charges of £40.00 (NOV & DEC) 2 charges and 1 unauthorised OD fee. Charges still being applied even though I advised them that my account was in dispute. 01/12/06 Debt collection agency letter received. requested that my overdraft was cleared ASAP and that my
  12. Take A Look At My Thread my story so far Eyespy v Abbey Eyespy
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