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  1. Thanks for that. Do i wait for the refund to arrive before i send them a SAR, and if i accept the refund does this mean i cannot go back for any further money.
  2. I wonder if anybody can assist me. Several years ago i had a loan with Citifincial, i refinanced the loan and at one point i had two loans. I sold my house, and bought another and paid off the outstanding loans, in the region of 20k, in 2005. I remember that these loans had PPI included, as when i told them i did not want PPI at the time, as i was covered in work, they said if i did not take out PPI, i would not get the loans, at the time i needed the money. I decided to try to recover the PPI money, but i was unsure if i could after so long. I sent them letter stating that i wanted a refund of my PPI insurance and i would be in touch with the exact amount, i did not even have an account number. I have looked everywhere but i cannot locate the agreements, all i have is a letter from the solicitor when i sold my house stating that CitiFinancial had been settled, 20k. In the mean time i received a letter from Citifinancial acknowledging my complaint and that it had agreed a waiver with the Financial Authority and that they would respond in 12 weeks. I have looked everywhere but I cannot find the agreements and i do not know the exact amount of the PPI that was paid on the agreements. The deadline for a final response was the 9th January 2012, i received a letter on the 4th January 2012, stating my complaint has been upheld. They have listed the three account numbers, but they have stated that as some of the loans had been 'topped up', the figure offered is for all three, there is no breakdown, but they have offered £2,525.20, interest on premiums paid £600.22, plus 8% interest £1,005.90, less any previous rebate paid £1,292.85, total £2,838.47. I am confused by the deduction made, they state that this is an previous rebate that i have received as a result of PPI being cancelled. I have never cancelled any PPI and they were paid in full of which i have the settlement figure, or is it because i settled the loans early and the interest was reduced, does this affect the PPI. They state this is the final response. They state that the cheque will be sent in 10-15 working days, do i wait for the cheque, and then cash it. Can i then go back and request for my agreements by sending a SAR, or can i ask them to give a breakdown of the PPI premiums. I suspect the PPI i paid was a lot more, and i am surprised of how easy they have accepted and offered a refund, especially when i had no information. But i am unsure of what to do now.
  3. Can anyone give me some advice. I have an outstanding debt to the Halifax, i agreed a monthly payment but it was a small payment, they have now passed the debt onto a company called Robinson Way. Due to changes in my salary i owe the Halifax two debts, one for my bank account and one for my credit card. I do not dispute the debt but i want the charges refunded and then i will pay the true debt amount, with a small monthly payment. Both debts have been passed to Robinson Way. I have written to Robinson Way requesting verification of the debt and the amount owed and a signed agreement. They have sent me a reconstituted copy of the agreement but no verification and no breakdown of the figure, this was the credit card account. They want proposals of settlement urgently, as they have supplied a agreement. The bank account they have said they do not need to provide an agreement and they will in due course send a breakdown of the amount owed, but in the mean time they require payments on the account. I requested in my letters that they can only contact me by letter and not by phone, they say in the letter they have removed my phone number from their records. Today they have rang my employer requesting to speak to me, of which i am very embarrassed, they keep on emailing me and sending texts to my phone. I never gave them any of these details, the Halifax must of disclosed this information. I have also written to the Halifax regarding charges, late fees, of which i am waiting a response. I am at my wits end, due my circumstances i can only afford a very small amount, of which they will not accept, if i give them more money me and my small daughter will be eating less food. If i agree a small amount to them, does this affect my claim for charges, fees on the accounts, if the Halifax agree to give the charges back, does it come off the amount owed, how does this work regarding the amount to Robinson way. Can i write to Robinson way and stop them contacting my employer, can they get information from my employer regarding my income, can they take me to court, i do not know, none of the debt is secured. I am trying to make sure that my salary pays the important items, like mortgage, council tax, secured debt, i class these as low priority. I am so annoyed with the Halifax, can they use my personal information and pass this onto these companies. Can anyone give me some advice as to how to proceed. Sandra
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