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  1. My family and I have lived in our property for almost 6 years. Over that time, our letting agents have failed to do any sort of maintainence on the property. Fixed cupboard doors, broken taps, peeling ceiling paper, have, over the years, been repaired by ourselves after countless and fruitless requests to the letting agent. Things weren't so bad up until last year. Our letting agent did do yearly checkups on the property, however this year, not only has this stopped, but they have failed to even respond to emails or phone calls. My main question is: As we've been living in the prop
  2. I am quite certain it is not ours, as we have paid our one and only bill to EDF in full (we have only lived in our property and been with EDF for 20 months. We were supplied by British Gas in our previous home) We received a bill for the first year and have not recieved a subsequent one. We are in no way, as far as I can see and have not been given anything from EDF that says otherwise. We have received no notice for arrears whatsoever. Even if we had not paid our bill (which we did) it's hard to imagine what my husband and i would have to be doing in our modest one
  3. Hi. Hope somebody could help shed some light on this.... About 10 months we recieved our bill from EDF for £800 for the previous year which was fine. We paid it off in installments of £80 per months and have just paid the last installment leaving just 2 months before our next bill is due. During this time we are continuing to pay the £80 per month with the idea that we will be £160 ahead of the game once our next bill arrives in a couple months time. Today, someone from EDF arrived at my home. I was busy with my son and did not answer the door, but in a few minutes noticed that my po
  4. Then what? Do I go after them now and try and use some legal clout to get them to remove the fees or just pay what I feel I owe?
  5. Firstly, have you given any money to Marstons? Was the fine paid in full to the court or to them? Secondly, try and relax. Marstons are a lot of talk and claim to to have powers they simply don't have in order to intimidate you to handing over cash they're not owed. From what I've read so far, It's very unlikely they have any legal ground to seize your belongings.
  6. Funny. We contacted Devon and Cornwall police to complain about Bailiff who was repeatedly harassing us. (including phoning us up to 6 times a day) and even vandalized our vehicle. They didn't want to know and completely fobbed us off letting us deal with the matter ourselves! Nice.
  7. Levy includes: Our vehicle (purchased a year ago for a staggering £500) Wii and PS3 and games Ikea table worth £15 and a bookcase. Needless to say, he didn't make much of an effort to levy the goods in our home. The question in that case is what to do about it. We can either send a letter detailing what we believe we owe. We fear this might be kicking a hornet's nest so to speak and they may try and create a second levy to even things out and put them in the right. The other option (my husband's suggestion) is that we stop payment where we feel we have hit the limit of
  8. Thanks Feebee_71. To clarify, while I do not have the dates, the bailiff only visited our home three times, including the day he clamped the vehicle. His visits were with respect to both accounts. He did not make separate visits. I'd understand wanting the fees if he came for one account on one day and returned on a separate occasion for the other but this is not the case. Our vehicle and a few small possessions (our £15 ikea kitchen table for example) were levied twice for each account. (ie there are two levies carried out on the same day which contain the same items.) I hope that make
  9. I have plenty of experience here! I just finished going through this exact experience which nearly ruined my life, my marriage and my mental health. It's a nightmare I wish upon noone. Don't worry. If you have paid the fine to the court then you do not owe bailiff anything. Not a sausage. They ARE entitled to collect fees and entitled to keep it if you give it to them they are NOT entitled to enforce any action to get you to pay it. You legally do not owe it. Make sense? It's in the HMCS guidline/handbook (its online, although I don't know where exactly) to e
  10. Sorry. I was having some problems. I'll just do it the long way. Here is a breakdown of what's been charged as provided by Ross and Roberts (the bailiffs) themselves. Debt : 1301.80 + First Visit - 24.00 Second Visit - 18.00 Levy - 61.00 Waiting time - 120.00 WP (?) - 12.00 Total 1597.00 Payment made - 225 = 1312.00 Debt #2 (council tax 2010) Debt - 1300 1st Visit - 24.00 + 2nd Visit - 18.00 Levy - 61.00 Waiting time - 120.00 WP - 12.00 Payment made 226.50 Total - 1250.00 He was given peaceful entry. We had to go through with the levy as our c
  11. We owed a some money in CT for 2009 and then again in 2010. We were forced into an arrangement with the bailiff. Now by "force" I mean the bailiff showed up at 5:30am and clamped our vehicle and refused to leave without £500 in his pocket and a monthly owing of £250. We had to clean out our bank account then and there and enter into an agreement that is WAY more than we are able to pay a month. Previously we sent a copy of our monthly budget showing our income and how much we were able to pay to both the council and the bailiff which was subsequently ignored by both. The bailiff h
  12. Why is it important that I get the dates? I was considering getting the dates of the distress warrant from the courts, but only to confirm when the warrant would expire and be out of the bailiff's hands. Did not recieve a "Further Steps Notice". What is that? Apparently, parking violations in Devon and Cornwall are indeed handled by the courts, so I suppose are a criminal matter??
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