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  1. hi folks, i have been a lurker here for some time and this site has helped me alot over the last 3 years. I am currently in a trust deed and i am making large payments on what is a sizeable amount of debt. I do have a car (wifes) that is currently financed (finishes in May) and i am looking to upgrade as we are expecting a new arrival. But no one will touch me for finance and the car is on its last legs and is costing us more to fix because of its age. Is there anywhere that anyone can recommend that will enter into a finance deal where i can get a reasonably new car ?? thanks Sam
  2. hi, thanks very much. There getting nothing from me .....Your name vill alzo go on de list I think more people need to be made aware of this and I think Aldi should be held accountable for contracting them in. I think they just see it as a cash-cow so that they can intimidate and con people out of hard earned money !!!
  3. Just had a phone call from the wife saying she has had a letter through from these clowns when she parked at our local Aldi. Something didnt ring true when she read it to me so being a hmm hmm modern man i googled it and hey presto i found many similar people who are having the same problem. I think i will keep checking back here and will keep you updated with developements im going to completely ignore them and cant wait to have a good chuckle at the letters !!! Thanks to everyone on here who has offered up there advice its been a great help, and as a footnote i think i know why Aldi are associated with this company ......THE READIES !!!!!
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