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  1. I bought a car in feb 2010 from a dealer and have had problems with it from day one i should have rejected it in the first few weeks however i was hoping the issues would be resolved but they have - there is an on- going cutting out problem with it. Repairs were being paid for uptil july 20111 on the warranty i had purchaed from the dealet but in july the dealer advised me no more repairs could be authorised any investigation or repair would have to be paid for by me. since the car has been sitting on mydriveway whils we use taxis /buses and walk. the car was purchased for £5500 the dealer does not respond despite much effort from my part to resolve the situation. I have stared legal action process through court asking for £5500 and £ 20000 in compenastion dealer is defending case in full and i have today recieved the allocation questionaire and draught directions from their solicitor. i cannot afford a solicitor and need some adice can ayone advice help a little please ? Rob if so then i can ask a couple of question that i need help on. Rob
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