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  1. I don't know where mine are unfortunately however i just called a work colleague who got hers and she said it does not state breaks on there just contracted hours holiday etc.. We do get paid for breaks as we have to stay on the premises would this make a difference? Also I do not think I signed a contract with this employer as it was the 3rd employer of the workplace being taken over. Thank you for your reply
  2. I have worked with this private well know company for nearly 14 years and have a few issues with how things are being dealt with. Recently the Deputy Manager caused problems within our unit ( it's a nursing home comprising 3 units different levels of care) by stating that breaks are reduced over a 12hr period, our working day, from 1hr to 40 minutes. I do realise that the law states a 20 min break over 6 hours so assume he knew the law rights. However as it has been an hour taking 15 minutes rest then 45 lunch for the 14 years I have been employed there can he do this or should we assume that became a contract albeit unwritten? I went into the office and viewed my disgust stating as its a nursing envirinment very stresful and hard working 12hr shifts that an hr was reasonable and was always accepted he talked down to me like i was a child and I know feel very unvalued at work this is not the only issues I have had with this person and i have doubts that he is actually doing things properly or is bullying. After i had the discussion with him he called in the Matron who had arrived back from a months holiday and she stated that she did not know about this until this time as she had been away but had to support and stand by him, can he change things without her go ahead? Also, within 5 minutes of the meeting i had with him i met a work colleague from another unit who stated their breaks were 15 mins then 45 minutes in aft. I told him that this afternoon stating our unit was being victimised for some reason, i heard on leaving that he went and changed their break times too. He asked if i would like a grievance form or the phone number to HR which i did not take at the time as i was boiling in anger at the way he spoke to me, where do i go from here? and how do i tackle this as i feel unvalued (which i told him and his reply was more or less be grateful you have a job)
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