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  1. Me neither, i admit to being rubbish with money. However had I not lost my job, I may well have been able to clear them all off by now. In the current climate with wage cuts, reduced hours and jobs going the risk of those unforseen circumstances vastly increases
  2. I agree that it is theft, but I was just trying to find out how they had the details. If your card is expired and he cancels his card you should be ok but you may want to send a letter to your bank cancelling any continuos payment authority. It does seem that wanka are acting true to form....riding rough shod over the law Tis might not be relevant...but just checking are you legally partnered and is the account joint or two single accounts?
  3. Well my experience with Wanka is completely different. they tried to chatge me £10 for a statement of account, although I was in touch with them prior to defaulting according to them my £100 loan rose to over 330 within 3 months. That included 93 for passing to a DCA. Needless to say they can go swivel. I have to say, not heard anything good about swift either. How did wanka get you OH's account details? Sounds like a complaint in the making to me. Look at the sticky about the OFT investigation. Report the buggers
  4. Hi all, apologies as this is completely off topic , but it has also been sent to wonga, WDA , Mackenziehall etc , in fact everyone in my address book...it is so important It reminds me, that however bad i feel , things could be so much worse. If you want to move it feel free, just please don't delete it http://www.allout.org/thetimehascome
  5. Hi Just a thought, when you do your financial statement, there is, somewhere on the internet and I am sure someone can point you in the right direction , a list of what courts class as acceptable expenditure for things such as socialising, clothes etc etc. Obviously priority debts and commitments come first, mortgage/rent/council tax/ arrears ets . Also when you have worked out an amount you have left to pay creditors, work it out pro rata . That way they do not have a leg to stand on, although i would like to see them try to justify those fees in a county court
  6. Hi Well i want to call you The Divine Miss M but Mrs Jones will have to do. Other people will have other ideas so don't take my thoughts as gospel . I would just leave it at the moment, and pretend you havent received an email. They are very unlikely to take further action because they couldn't justify the charges. Only thing I would say, is are you still at your old address so could they have written to you? The last thing you would want is them to have sent you correspondance that you didn't get and win a ccj by default. Finally if you have any cash you could always write to them explaining the circumstances and offering a full and final settlement of say 200 or 250. But make sure they accept in writing and don't pay by card. Hope that helps
  7. Could that be that they mean blocking that card and getting another one issued, just as would happen if you reported it lost
  8. No payday loans , and in Lancashire....now I really do hate you lol
  9. They will provide their bank details to pay by standing order but you do feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. When you cancel your card, also send WDA and your bank the stopping of continuous payment authority. Should be no need to change banks. Dont arrange on the phone, do it all by email /letter and if they don't play ball complain. If you genuinely feel it was irresponsible lending then complete the OFT complaint form...see stickys. In my case I went form 250 to 750 with no further credit checks, even though I owed 40k of unsecured debt As of now my PDL's are getting nowt and I am checking the enforcibility of all my other debts . I have no income and no assets so what can they do?
  10. Hi If someone turns up, shut the door in their face and tell them if they come back you will call the police. If it is a genuine baliff you will certainly know about it.....ccj...warrant of execution. As for the ccj...it's no big deal and you can defend or come to an arrangement with the court, which may well be less than the PDL was insisting on. So as asmile says....worry about it when and if it happens. Life is too full of what ifs.....drive me mad..literally
  11. :-DBugger I'll have to try harder (you'll get used to me)
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