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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me I'm going bankrupt within the next couple of weeks I have already been to citizens advice and have all the forms to fill in, I have a mortgage shortfall of 31.000 and a couple of catalogues of 500 to be included in my bankruptcy I also have 2 payday loans one with a company which I have used continuously for past 2 years which I keep rolling over and renewing I was just wondering as the loans are classed as new from month to month with interest added are you allowed to tie it in with your bankruptcy? Any help will be much appreciated
  2. Hi can anyone help me,I received a fine for £250 for tv license,I wasn't aware of these court proceedings as previous correspondance must have went to my old address,I wrote to court explaining this and they have rescheduled a court date for 31st of May,however I won't be able to attend this as it is some considerable distance from where I live and I also have 2 young children which I would have to take with me and I simply carnt afford to pay the travel expenses, the fine is for non payment of tv license from July 11 till Sept 11 this was purely because I had my house reoposessed and had to move in with parents so when I moved out in Sept 11 I cancelled all direct debits and never gave it a second thought till I received this letter demanding payment,what will happen if I don't attend court? I'm besides myself with worry I've always had a tv license and never defaulted before.
  3. Hi,sorry to jump into this thread I was just wondering if anyone can help me,I'm on a 6month shorthold tenancy agreement which is due to end 23rd march, my landlord has just informed me that he wishes to obtain possession of the property again,however having just missed the 2month notice period which is required to end tenancy agreement he has said that he will let me stay till 23rd of April on a periodic tenancy which is well over the 2month notice required,I am not behind in payments nor can I think of any reason why he doesn't want to renew tenancy,can he do this without a valid reason?
  4. My wife will be making payments to my sister,so she doesn't lose out so am I under the impression that they carnt take it as there is no roof of purchase with reguards to myself? My sister is just goin to say her partner uses it aswell as he is also on insurance policy.
  5. Hi all thanx for replying,it is HP in my sisters name there's nothing stating I have bought it she's not a guarantor or anything like that,she got the finance for me as my credit rating was poor. I do use it for work, bought it for 7,500 with 3 years still left to pay.
  6. Hi I've currently had my house reposessed and know there is going 2 be a substantial shortfall, to which when the time comes I will prob have to declare myself bankrupt,I was just wondering what will happen to my van if I go bankrupt,its registered in my name although the finance is through my sister and I just pay her money every month,would they be able to take it off me even though the finance is in my sisters name? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  7. Hi sorry to just jump in on this thread,I'm just wanting a bit advice,I am currently off work on the sick with stress as I am in the process of having my house repossesed,eviction date 17th oct,I have moved in with family while I arrange alternative accomodation, however I have tickets to go to a concert which has been booked for ages but don't know wether to go or not for fear of the implications of work, everybody said it'll do me good to go out and try and enjoy myself,and that I'm unfit for work not anything else, just feel guilty if I do go.
  8. Good luck,I hope all goes well in your new house and you can finally start enjoying yourself with the little bit extra you have spare each month,I know I will be from now on! :o)
  9. Hi Mr W,I sought advice from CAB as previously stated in last comment,tried to go to interest only which didn't reduce mortgage by much and seens as tho our mortgage is fixed for. 5 year (end of nxt year being last) e just couldn't afford to make ends meet any longer,we've struggled for long enough and my main priority had to be my 2 children, its just so annoying that had we been renting somewhere we wouldn't have had the worry and stress of payments as this would have been paid or partly paid for us,I certainly wouldn't even consider having another mortgage again with all the stress that I have endured it isn't worth it,I have always looked at it as an investment for my children but now I'm simply going to put money away for them at least I know they'll get it and carnt have it taken from me.,thanx for the reply, its been a stressful few months but now I feel like I've had a huge weight lifted from me,I know I'll have the shortfall to contend with when they eventually sell it but I'll worry about that when the time comes,for now it'd time for me to consentrate on myself,my husband and my 2 lovely children, as they say you learn from your mistakes,but what I keep thinking is there's a lot more people worse off than myself,at the end of the day its only bricks and mortar,onwards and upwards from now on :o)
  10. Hi all,I am currently in the process of having house reposessed eviction date 17th Oct,having been down every avenue to try and stop it,with CAB and mortgage rescue scheme,I carnt believe that after 12 years of being a homeowner that theyre taking my house off me for 4,000 arrears, I feel very let down with my mortgage company having still made substantial payments although not the full amount,and keeping them up to date of my current financial situation since my husband was made redundant last year,they were fine at first quite sympathetic,but after a while it was just constant harassment off them! Having packed up all my belongings and moved in with family I went to hand keys in to them which I was then told this was not possible! Err hello!so they want me 2 meet them at my old house on the 17th to hand over the keys to a bailiff and whoever it is that attends with them- I don't think so,as if it isn't bad enough that I've lost my house they expect me to meet them to hand it over to them,so I just dumped the keys with details on counter, turned on my heels and told them to do what the bloody hell they like with them and walked out! They've never done me any favours by making me,my husband and 2 kids homeless so sod them. Onwards and upwards from now on,not gonna let them get me down anymore :o)
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