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  1. I have bought extended warranty from D&G. But they didn't send any confirmation by post or email. When I checked my Bank account they have already started debiting my account. Then I phoned them twice to send me paperwork and customer service has promised to send one immediately both times.. though I haven't received any thing so far almost two weeks gone since then. I made complain about this via their website which says that they will contact me in 24 hr. It has been 4 days gone since then. Very poor on customer service. Stay away from D&G.
  2. @Snorkerz thanks for reply.I think my answers are understood in wrong way, there is no means to be rude.So what is the role of LA. As he confirmed me on the phone that I can handover notice to my current landlord. If LA is not sure how confident is the LL to rent his property then why LA is representing his property in the market.For Example: If I buy something from Superstore and I dont get the quality or service as we agreed then its responsibilities of superstore to pay compensation to customer, They dont show the third party seller.If estate agent is making money from this deal then I thin
  3. Hi Thanks for ReplyWhat is AST?The info you have asked:Why cannot you not remain in current property? Has current LL said No? Have you asked him?-Because I am moving to oxford from suffolk.When did current T commence (actual date)?-I think this is irrelevant. for your info 1/10/09When did you hand in your Notice (date)-I think this is irrelevant. 29/09/10Is property in Eng or Wales?-EngIs rent payable monthly? (actual date of month)-Yes 10th of every month. I paid pro-rated rent.Keep this LA on your side for now, they may feel sorry and help you find alt accom for short term.This new flat hunt
  4. Hi I have done application for renting a flat in Witney. I have paid reference checking fees initially and after my references are passed, Estate Agent has asked me to pay half rent as a holding deposite. Which I have paid then he comfirm me moving date 1/11/2011 and time 9:00 am via email. So I had handover notice to my current landlord and let him know that I am moving out. Trouble: Day before my Estate Agent has called me to tell that "I will not have flat on 1/11/2011 as landlord informed that the old tenants wants to stay there". I have really tough situation
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