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  1. It is my understanding that under the new regulations the fees incurred cannot be included under any Attachment to Earnings Order. The reason being that the enforcement power has ended, so fees cannot, therefore, be collected. Exactly is the same way fees can no longer be collected at Committal stage, as the enforcement power has ended. Enforcement Agents can set Attachment to Earnings Orders, but being unable to collect their own fees I would have thought will not make this action common place. Obviously if the debt is still being enforced under Schedule 5 as had a levy in place pri
  2. Great, thanks, will get on with the Land Registry now. Cheers.
  3. Cheers both for your replies, appreciate the info. Where abouts on the Land Registry would I find the info regarding tenants in common?
  4. Hi Just a brief enquiry to see if anyone could provide any help/advice on this subject please. * Parents jointly own a property; * They seperate and subsequently divorce; * One parent remains in the property, but property remains in joint ownership as neither can afford to buy the other out, and there is a child still in school resident. Agreement that no sale of property to split the proceeds would take place until that child becomes 18; * One of the parents sadly dies before the child turns 18 and unfortunately has no Will. What is the legal position with the property?
  5. TT, further up the OP has confirmed debt returned by Enforcement Agents as insufficient goods. Summons that the OP has therefore had is a Committal Summons. Council will be applying for OP to be sent to Prison for non-payment.
  6. The Council cannot refuse payment of any kind, if an individual chooses to pay direct. However, the Council appear to advise that it is best to pay the Enforcement Agent direct, and there is nothing wrong with this. Because of the way the fees are paid now £75 Compliance Fee first then pro-rats for the £235 Enforcement Fee. Don't forget the debt inclusive of the fees is to be treat as a whole. I still read online "just pay the Council direct, there is nothing that the Enforcement Agent can then do about fees", but this is wrong. The Council will be the ones left with a debt after the Enf
  7. How many companies are visiting after 7 clear days though? I would have thought a large number of clients would be requesting a longer period for Compliance anyway?
  8. You need to read the posts above which quite clearly advise you when the new fees and regulations apply.
  9. It would be very silly of an Enforcement Agency to send out this letter on a case where there is already a Levy in place. They would basically be delaying the charging of the Attending To Remove Fee and other fees that they charge under Schedule 5. Wouldn't be to their benefit anyway.
  10. Wrong! If there is no Levy in place then they certainly can charge the new Enforcement Fee of £235. Only cases where there is already a Levy in place prior to 06th April, will they continue under old regulations.
  11. I was referring to the main regulations, which some haven't even bothered to understand themselves yet. They have only been out since July and in my opinion are quite simple and understanding. Transitional Regs are more difficult to understand. No question. But still, if time spent reading and understanding,, asking questions, it is much better than guessing and making assumptions. Otherwise from Monday there is going to be some dreadful advice given.
  12. Understand what you are saying TT, but at the end of the day, if you don't know how to advise during the transitional period then you are best keeping quiet and allowing others who do know, to advise accordingly. That was my point. Making guesses or incorrect statements isn't going to help anyone, least of all the debtor. The regulations themselves are quite easy to understand and follow if people just read them.
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