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  1. One more thing, if a tick on a box is now being accepted as a signature, without further proof of ID from the applicant, then there will be bogus applications. Correct me if I am wrong.
  2. As mentioned earlier, I replied to their letters but also challenged them to provide proof. I hope someone can explain what removing link account mean.
  3. well, the CCA 1974 recommends that the appl is sent to the applicant for his /her signature. Therefore, an agreement that does not follow this guidelines is nit enforceable.
  4. The point is that they have decided to remove address links.
  5. The account was opened in 2008. They said that they are amending their files and will revert the address for the disputed account back to the original address on the credit agreement and will contact the CRAs requesting any address links from my previous address to the agreement address to be removed. What do you think??
  6. original post has been removed as it seems that I am being mis-interpreted.
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