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  1. Yes, I would like my daughter to have a go regarding the warranty and servicing package that she took out for around £450 - which was completely useless in this case. I don't think she has the stomach for a further fight..
  2. Indeed, and apologies for the delay in reporting back - it has been a busy old Christmas / New Year! We wrote to VW, in Germany, after sending a prompt email, we did get a response to say that VW UK Customer Service would handle this. We subsequently heard from VW UK, and they investigated and finally offered to pay 70% of the final bill, on the condition that is was serviced at my daughters cost, by VW, hence giving a full dealer service history. This has all been done now and the car seems to be working fine again. Whilst this was going on (the VW dialogue), my daughter
  3. Thanks Helios for your input.. Just a thought from your last post, the warranty explicitly excludes burnt valves. If it is actually the valve seats rather than the valves that are burnt then this should be covered as the cylinder head is included in the warranty? VW have said it is the valves, but of course without stripping the engine - or perhaps scoping it, this cannot be verified at this time.
  4. Hi Scania According to the guy I spoke to at VW, the valve problem is caused by fuel eroding the valves, generally only seen on low mileage engines (?) - my thought possibly short cold running. The AC warranty is here: (sent it PM as I can't send a link!! I recently bought a new van, also from Arnold Clark (wish I had known better!). Charged separately for 12 months road tax, when I picked it up (it was pre-registered) it only had 10 months to run!! After a fight they refunded the £35. The service and warranty book are also missing - still waiting for this. Cheers Coli
  5. A quick update and some more information (I'll pm you separately Helios for the info you asked for). I spoke to the technical chap at VW today. He said the engine was not in pieces (which I had assumed from their diagnosis). They are saying that the valves are burnt from their experience of this engine, and going by the compression figures, which are: 1-160psi 2-150psi 3-120psi No goodwill gesture from them (VAG Customer Services) due to incomplete servicing by them. As the engine is still together, they suggested my daughter could collect the car until a decision on ho
  6. ok, I'll get the info together. One question, is this a known fault that occurs with this engine? I still wonder about 'fit for purpose'..
  7. Thanks Helios & Greenbee Car is VW Polo Hatchback 1.2 E 60 3 door 1198cc. First registered 14/11/2007 1 previous owner. Bought 31/12/2010, mileage 12527. Mileage now 18384. Longlife service by VW at 4724 miles, 18/5/09 Serviced by Arnold Clark, 12527 miles, 22/12/10. Regards
  8. Thanks, I'll ask my daughter to fill in the blanks.. No sympathy required for Arnold Clark - they couldn't tell after 2 days that the engine was miss-firing, I could feel it sitting in the passenger seat!!
  9. Hi Folks Wanted to run this past you - to see where we go from here.. My daughters car, 3 years old, 18000 miles on the clock. I was with her a couple of weeks ago and noticed her engine was misfiring - I suggested she get it checked out, car has a 3 year warranty from Arnold Clark (that she paid for), she bought the car earlier this year. She took it to Arnold Clark, who had it for 2 days and said there was nothing wrong with it. I suggested she took it to VW for a second opinion. They confirmed the misfire and sited low compression on at least one of the cylinders. S
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