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  1. morning, sorry my ex wasn't registered at the property. Mortgage was in my name solely as he was unable to get credit.
  2. Thank you Andy. I had a crap night last night worrying over this. I should have kept up the initial payments. You live and learn tho. Thanks again. Gally
  3. I already did question them years ago but there is nothing they can do as my name was on it only. When I called the council last night. They said I can call this morning and speak to a supervisor who might stop my wages being arrested. However it would depend on their mood! I'm just worried my employer might dismiss me as I've only been with them 7 months I have called the council this morning and they are going to cancel my wages getting arrested and I have made an agreement to pay it off monthly. I have been worried sick over this. Thank you for all your help
  4. No as it goes back the years that my ex never paid. I think about 5 years worth. He was supposed to pay it and never. Which left me with the debt
  5. I've buried my head with all this. I don't blame them at all. I wasn't sure who it was. I just guessed. Please accept my apologies. I honestly feel like just jumping off a bridge I cannot afford what they will take off my wages
  6. Just phoned the council and they have put an arrsement on my wages. Which I cannot afford. What can I do? I seriously can't afford what they will take off
  7. No. I've been paying it at £40 per month. When I moved I stopped paying. The debt was over 9k. My ex left me with it all. It was in my name only What if I just start saying it again, would this avoid any further action or will I need to phone them
  8. Oh well, hopefully they will send me a letter and I can arrange payments. Or I might just bite the bullet and phone the council to arrange payments. What's the least I can offer them?
  9. Yes and yes. Also the papers that they had was the wrong address. Same estate, just wrong address.
  10. Yeah I know. I'm just very embarrassed needing to call them. I think I was hoping that because I have changed name and address (moved to a different council area) they wouldn't find me!
  11. just don't have the money to pay it just now. If it was the sheriff I am more then happy to make payments. Nothing has been put through my door though
  12. I am in Scotland. No one told me, I am just guessing as that's the only debt I left at my old address. My neighbour said they had a letter with my maiden name on it.
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