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  1. Hi Silverfox1961. Sorry, but as per my normal practice with unwanted mail bearing my details, I shredded it - before I thought to check online what others might have thought about it. Having read it, I was overwhelmingly of the impression that any advantages in this agreement lay solely with EMO OIL, the customer incurring only penalties. Would you like me to phone them, tell them the dog ate it and ask for another copy?
  2. Metalfrog, Until now I have been a casual customer of EMO OIL, ordering central heating fuel as and when required, and paying by lump sum upon receipt of my order. I have just received from EMO an invitation to enter into a binding contract with them, which they call a Planned Delivery Service. This entitles them to deliver oil to me whenever it suits them AND WITHOUT NOTIFICATION, to charge me extra for this service, to charge me extra if they are unable to deliver the amount they want to because my tank is too full, and restricts my right to order from other suppliers. It also includes
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