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  1. As far as I know Experian etc do not use passport nos to verify id , although the pass port office may use credit ref agencies , I am sure they would love yo or love you to think they do , IMO a bit paranoid , it would be wrong for private govt info to be shared with private companies . Call credit are probably not used buy the home office Banks etc check passports for I>D , they don't/cannot cross-reference them , that would surely be data protected info . Give it a go , remember people only know what you tell them and the rest is your business anyway .
  2. Do you remember the lords pulled up for offering influence for money , sadly overshadowed by the Mps expenses scandal , Lord Taylor bragged to an undercover journo that he had previously exerted influence/ tabled questions etc, with regards to legislation about credit reference agencies . If one could go back through the parliamentary record and assess his input , that may shade the legislation .
  3. IMO , the paragraph about you Must go to court in order to declare unenforcibility is a bluff trap to make you the claimant as in other cases where the consumer has lost , with you as a defendant the onus is on them to proof enforcibility in a county court , which they are obviously not prepared to do , as they would risk costs , tricky trap though .
  4. The more I read this the more I am convinced that Jordan 1983 , a 27 year old male debt collecting operative does not really exist and that is a cynical PR avatar creation , by the Dcas in order to further their arguments and undermine ours in other words this is one massive TROLL ATTACK by a piqued industry , must be getting to them !
  5. AS you get older you will realise that you should not bring home your work with you , it will stress you out , and i am sure you are not getting paid enough , Blessed are the self righteous for they shall never be wrong .
  6. But you are named after a training shoe , so I cannot take you seriously.
  7. My opinion is - For a start no-ones mother is involved , the debt is a concept of a corporation , Most people on here have I am sure have paid back far more than the principle sum borrowed/created e.g if £5000 was spent ,much more than that has been returned to the institution . So morally then the bank enters into Usery[ lending money with excessive interest over 5%] which is prohibited by all three Abrahamic faiths and any other sensible ones as well , Usery is highly immoral because it keeps people in a form of indenture and the banks feed off the work of others . My suggestion would be a form of Jubillee , an old testament tradition of scrubbing all debts every 50 years , ironically this would be in he best interests of the country and the economy in general as it would put money into circulation to promote spending /business etc , the Banks would hate it but they have already been given more bail-out than the citizens , so they should Shut Up !
  8. Also if you appeal the ticket to the Adjudicator , the notes usually form part of the councils evidence that should be sent to you before the hearing , if it isn't you can request it .
  9. In my opinion , they have breached the DPA by discussing your personal details with a third party , they are also probably in breach of the debt collecting guidelines , on the site somewhere , for the same reason and also by revealing to and involving another party , by asking her to pay .
  10. I wonder if they have breached the Data protection act 1991 , by tracking down your friend , how did they track her and what did they ask her ? If so it might be worth her going for them for about £400 for the breach , however I am no way a lawyer so you should seek clarification , but the fact they quickly offered her £50 , In writing? is a sign of guilt . If she accepts it she cannot pursue further , does she have it in writing ? Is she or have they tied her to you on either of your credit files ?
  11. Gosh , I wish someone would steal it and take my debts with them .
  12. I have several credit cards in dispute , i.e I have seen Copies of the original agreements that are in my opinion unenforcable and in dispute . I have written numerous times to the Credit cards and their various Dcas informing them of this position , using the templates and advice garnered here . Now I am moving from my previous address and won't get my post any longer , back and forth abroad . As I feel the accounts and original contracts are invalid , am I obliged to give the Credit cards / dcas a forwarding address , as stated I have explained my position to them several times , and wonder if as there is nothing more to say whether I should tell them anything more . I do not care about my credit file , its messed anyway , besides i can't stand the nosy parkers on principle . Any thoughts Appreciated , thank you .
  13. Are you sure this relates to parking matters , rather than unpaid council tax , etc etc . Where are the rules relating to this RTA 1991 ?
  14. Watching with interest as surely under such circumstances the council would have to comply with a higher standard of proof , rather than their minions just saying it is so . I was once threatened with being chased in a civil court for a Ccj for an unpaid pcn , which i would have welcomed as the council would have had to prove it , But as it was over the phone I think it was a bullies bluff to scare me into paying , would love to know the answer to this one , can the councils change juristiction when it suits them ?
  15. Good to see a happy ending , but are you sure you have to pay him anything at all £24,50 , especially as he tried to rip you off . There is no price for peace of mind but imo he doesn't deserve a thing , please be sure that by paying him anything you don,t open an account with them , they are ruthless b53188ds and will then claim you now owe them £275.50 and counting .
  16. Is he the "muscle' that turns up drives around with the Bailiff ? Does he polish the APNR camera lenses , clean the other bailiffs boots and make the tea ?
  17. From what I read in the Credit today article linked above , and not only did he choose to be a debt collector , he was a thieving [and caught , thus stupid } debt collector to boot , Taking money from the poor on behalf of the sherriff , {council} ,and pocketing it , he's hardly Robin Hood . if he was a straight up thief from the rich , I would not be so judgemental .
  18. No he is definately criminally minded , this was not an isolated crime he stole over £100,000 , after he had hypocritically put the lean on people for unpaid debts to the council , sorry to be judgemental but he is definately a wrong-un >
  19. Although I totally agree with the sentiment and principle that you espouse , i think that common sense should dictate that criminally minded people should be restricted from the morally and legally grey area of debt collecting , reformed criminals should not be enforcing the law , too many potential conflicts of interest .
  20. Thank you , the letter is exactly to the letter , thats k&C the royal arrogance without the class . Heads must roll .
  21. RBKC Decrim since the beginning . What remedy do I have to drop on them ?
  22. In Response to a council , actually a notice of acceptance allowing my appeal /representations , where i had been a bit of a smartarse this is what they said and signed to , any comments welcomed ; " The issuing of a PCN is an administrative action under which a person suspected of having contravened a parking regulation can discharge any liability at an early stage by paying the amount stated in the notice. The payment of the penalty is not a criminal fine nor does it result in a criminal conviction . However if the recipient of the PCN decides not to pay the PCN , the council would then be in a position to issue CRIMINAL proceedings against that person. At that stage, a fine and conviction may result under CRIMINAL law from any court Proceedings " ???? At the time i had several unpaid PCNs lurking so I assumed this to be leverage to encourage me to pay .
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