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  1. Hi I have never been great at using forums but wondered if anyone had any knowledge on ccj's ? In short myself and my partner applied for a mortgage today only to be told my partners account was a problem. Checked with Equifax and there was a ccj registered in Jan 2015 against him. We have lived at the same address nearly 11 years and have never ever received any letters or demands about any type of debt. It doesn't say on Equifax what it is in relation to, just that its for £1000. My partner doesn't know what it is (not great I know ) or thinks it could be an old balance on a vodaphone bill which was from 5-6 years ago at least and it was a small balance from a business use phone and he was waiting for charges to be removed. Basically an old bill no where near £1000. But nothing has been sent or we would have paid it off especially if we had know they would send it to court. His fault for leaving it but shortly we should have been notified about this. Anyway this is a huge stressful issue for us as its a family move and it will cause problems and I wondered if we could do anything to get rid of this ccj on his credit report. We can pay it and would have oId it if we had known about it. Sadly I can't afford to get the full mortgage on my own. Please help ? Thank you
  2. Hi I contacted national debt line some time ago and I wanted to try and negotiate with my creditors alone. All except very set up a repayment plan. I have opened my pack and am reading through now. I also have there budget sheet and I am filling it out as we speak. Thanks
  3. Very is thowner of the account and NDR are the collection agency (they are part of the the shop direct group which very is under too). I have not received a default notice yet. Just threat letters. When I lost my job last year I rang very straight away before any charges had been added and when my account was not past it s limit and explained my situation. Sadly it was around £4000 which I feel bad about but I have always managed well and paid on time each month. Now the balance is over £6500 due to interests and charges e.t.c. And I have only been paying £5 per month directly to very. I owe them the most now due to there fees. I did owe my credit card company more and I pay them £80 per month and they removed charges and interest and I have been paying them happily for sometime now. I have one other credit card which I only pay £36 per month and I only have £600 to pay off now. As again they were happy to help at the time. So very is the only creditor that is being unhelpful. They actually rang me again this morning to tell me they won't help me unless I send them a personal budget sheet from a company like national debt helpline. If I don't do this then they will sell my debt to a debt collection company. I asked my number yo be removed and to contact me in writing only. As it happens I do have a personal budget sheet headed from the national debt line (as I wasn't sure originally what route to take). Should I fill it in and send it back. Sadly my outgoings are higher then my incomings and I have to get a little help form my family until I can get back to work again. My priorities are my four little children and paying the mortgage , bills and food. I don't live a frivolous life as NDR explained people lie on there budget sheets and put £200 per month for hairdressers. We simply manage to live each month and never have extra money left over. These people are a nightmare.
  4. Continuing to pay my £5 per month and NDR money have written back to me refusing my 2 nd offer of repayment. They sent another letter the following day now threatening me with issuing a default notice if I don't pay the arrears which is a crazy amount. This account is spiralling out of control with charges and interests . There is no way I can afford what they are asking me to do and they know this from the 2 previous letters I have sent them. Does any one know what I should do now ?
  5. Just to let you know I wrote to opus advising I had a repay plan set up with Citi with 0% ineterest before they took over and they wrote back apologising and refunded the money taken over the past 7 months and removed the interest charges. Wanted to thank you for the advice. I was amazed at how easily it was dealt with.
  6. Thanks for moving the tread I am still quite new. I have actually written a letter today about the frozen interest. However it's not a complaint so I will do that. Thank you
  7. Just wondered if anyone knows the answer to this question: I had a credit card account with Citi and organised a repayment plan with them a couple of years ago. And have been paying them a standing order each month. They froze my interest and the debt has been slowly going down. About 6 to 8 months ago Opus took ov Citi and my monthly payment stayed the same except I had to alter the standing order to pay Opus instead. But they are now charging me interest each month. Are they allowed to start charging me ? I set the payment plan up because I was put out of work and having financial problems.
  8. Thanks for that. Just to let you know I have set another letter off them with a final proposal for payment. I have sent the another £5 via intent banking and wait there response.
  9. Just been reading some of the other threads and see your name a lot. You are amazingly helpful thank you. I read in one of the other threads that you can claim back all interest and charges.
  10. Also just to check shall I start paying the £20 per month or should I wait til they accept and continue to pay the £5 I have been sending via Internet payments . And just one other question - obviously £20 over 12 months will only cover part of my debt to the catalogue . How does that work.
  11. Thanks dx100uk will get that out today and pay the £20. You really know your stuff. Do you think they will push me to court or accept my proposal ?
  12. Was that the one from 7th December. I did tKe your advice and that was the last letter I sent telling them I would pay them £50 and asked them to freeze interest etc. Should I repeat this letter. Also in the mean time I am Looking at money steps.
  13. Hi Thanks everyone who had given me advice so far. Sadly this nightmare is still ongoing. Since my last message I wrote back to very catalogue direct and not ndr money (who are now supposed to be dealing with my account). I again told them I could only afford to give them £50 per month . Ndr have written back to day they will not accept the proposal for repayment even though £50 is stretching things anyway and they continue to threaten more fees and charges to the account which is spiralling out of control. I have been making a £5 payment to very each month to show willing . Not sure what to do now ? Should i write again offering the money again. I can't really increase my offer as I am repaying 2 other companies (one is opus at £80 per month and the other is mbna which is £36 per month and it is a huge struggle as I have 4 little kids).
  14. Does any one know if I have the right to claim back the £12 charges and the huge amount of interest they have been charging me ? And does anyone know how long I actually have pay a monthly fee to this company ?
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