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    Gap in tax

    a) When you borrowed vehicle. Around the 16th August. b) When he sent off the V5c for change of ownership. 25th August c) When you received the new V5c in your name 4th September and the date of change shown on it. 24th August d) did he at anytime submit a SORN before you used the vehicle? No, the car was always taxed and in use. We tried to use the 12 digit reference number as shown on the V5c/2 'green' slip but it was 'invalid' we assumed we had to wait for the new one. With hindsight we should have asked for advice at a Post Office but we thought - wrongly - we'd be ok waiting for the new new V5C. I'm assuming they have refunded him for all of August and we were expected to back date our tax payments. I'm happy to pay but this but have no idea how to and still can't get through to the dvla.
  2. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    All of this has crossed my mind but if I'm honest we have used the car and may well have been caught on ANPR camera so I can't think of anything to do other than be honest and say we messed up. I tried to phone them to see if we could pay for August but couldn't get through so I've tried to message them on Twitter and they haven't replied. No idea what to do now!
  3. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    Thank you. I've set up online monthly payments now but there is still a gap for August that I can't backdate. I've been driving the car now for a week though without tax as the website wouldn't accept the old ref number so we had to wait for the new V5C to come. How sympathetic will the DVLA be if I phone and offer to pay for August? I've been reading how strict it is now and I'm worried we've already incurred a fine.
  4. Alicat_69

    Gap in tax

    Last month my Dad lent us his car and we have now bought it from him and are officially the new owners. However, I've now come to tax the car and it says there was no tax on the car for August (we bought it in the last week of August) and it can only now be taxed from September 1st, leaving a month gap without a SORN. I realise now that my Dad must have had August refunded but we didn't realise this until now. Is there any way I can backdate the tax?
  5. Ok... does this usually work? No harm in trying if there's a chance but no idea how to do this so any more tips will be very welcome. I'm finding lots of old info on claiming money back but nothing recent.
  6. Thanks Ericsbrother. I was going to pursue your second piece of advice but unfortunately my friend has panicked and paid the fine. It's a little annoying that Parking Eye have got away with it again but there's not much I can do other than keep all this info for future reference. Thanks again.
  7. This is a photo of one of the signs in the car park. convert-jpg-to.pdf
  8. I have the reminder only so I don't know the exact wording on the original copy (i'm waiting for this to be emailed to me) but it says Parking Charge Notice Reminder. I'm assuming this is different to Notice to Keeper. I've answered the questions on the link you sent me anyway but if I need to start another thread I can do that instead. 1 Date of the infringement 20/04/2017 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 05/05/2017 3 Date received 29/04/2017 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [y/n?] No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? {y/n?] post up you appeal] No Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up N/A 7 Who is the parking company? Parking Eye 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] The Range/Toppstiles/Jollyes, Bolton. For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE BPA
  9. A friend has received a Parking Eye PCN after a car in his name was driven by a family member (with permission and insurance) into a small retail park when it was closed. The driver felt unwell on the way home one evening and drove into the car park, stayed in the car and then left 40 minutes later. The signs are clear and it does say no parking is allowed once the stores are closed so it may be that this unfortunate mistake has cost them dearly but if there's any way out of it I'd like to help them. Can anyone give any advice? (Apologies if this is already on here but I have one day left to write them and a long working day ahead of me so don't have time to read them all.)
  10. I got a Notice to Keeper letter today. It seems a long time after the initial pcn so I thought they weren't bothering, how long do they normally wait? So now I need to appeal, can anyone give me any more advice on the best approach for this?
  11. I've just sent a snotty email to Sainsbury's customer complaints dept, thanks for the suggestion! So I should ignore it even thought there's a time limit for payment (20th for the reduced fee) and for appeals?
  12. My husband has just got back to our car in Sainsbury's car park to find a Euro Car Parks PCN on the windscreen demanding £60 (or reduced fee of £30) for parking 'longer than the maximum period allowed'. The parking time limit is 2 hours free parking and he stayed for 2 hours 30 minutes. We're regular customers at the store but we don't have a receipt to prove we shopped there at the time stated. The supermarket is quite big with a cafe so 2 hrs isn't a particularly long time and it also situated next to a retail park where you could spend all afternoon shopping. The car parks have no clear defining line and seem to merge into one. The signs on one side do state however, that it is Sainsbury's car park and there is a 2 hour max limit but the rest of the writing isn't really that clear. I've had a look at other posts and info about similar incidents but the more I read the less sure I am about what to do! Please can anyone give me advice?
  13. I'm trying to do my online self assessment for the the first time and desperately need some help. I posted in another forum but got nowhere (someone saying I should have done it sooner - as if I didn't know this already) so I'm hoping I'll have more luck here... I started as self employed on 9th April 2013, registered in time and have a Gateway account. I've tried to register for self assessment (I wrongly assumed I would be able to do send my return once I had a Gateway account) and have received this email: Thank you for your form to register for Self Assessment. We are unable to process your form at this time. It has been referred to another HMRC department to be worked. You will be contacted in due course. So now I'm starting to worry there are problems that will take me beyond the deadline and I really can't afford a fine. I've always been employed so this is all new and I'm finding it a minefield. Can anyone give me any advice before I phone them?
  14. It's good to know you/we aren't all sheeple! I live in an area were the mainstream education is depressingly inadequate and our teenagers leave school (assuming they get to the end, many don't) with little or no tools to understand what is going on in the world or even what their own government is doing, so they do what their parents did and bury their heads in the sand. They are compliant because they don't know how not to be. This experience (with Jobssekers) has been an eye opener for me and i'm getting angrier and angrier at the way people are being deprived of their rights but as i've said before, in my opinion anger is only a good thing if you control it carefully and use it postively. I fully intend using my own experiences to other people's advantage, just as you guys are doing on here. Anyway, back to my miserable little complaint, I wrote to the manager who wrote to me to tell me i'd been bad and then phoned to make sure he'd got it. I was then invited in to discuss a reconsideration by a very pleasant woman (who appeared to be human and not vogon would you believe!!) who assured me they'd treat it as urgent and get back to me asap. They have phoned twice but i missed it both times and when i phone back they say i have to wait for them to phone me back as they don't know who it was. I'm almost laughing but I think it's hysteria so i'm controlling myself. I have no idea if I'm eligible for Income based JS while my husband is self employed, I did try and figure it all out but I gave up before I went completely insane. By the way, I too have been told I'm expected to travel for up to 90 minutes each way and do a full time job. I'm sure my husband would enjoy being a full time Dad whilst trying to work but I think it might finish him off so i'll pass!! I'm applying for a job that will allow me to manage my own hours and I'm keeping everything crossed I have enough sanity left to persuade them I can do it. I'll let you know when 'they' phone me back. Thanks for your interest everyone, it really helps.
  15. Ok, i've figured out that the actual legalities of sanctions are very vague BUT the articles within the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child are not . The UK Government 'agreed to make all laws, policy and practice compatible with this treaty' in 1991, so how can they justify enforcing sanctions, without notice, that will take my family income well below the poverty line for 2 weeks?
  16. Thanks for this, i'm trying to read up on it (with the 'help' of my youngest children...) and it seems that single claims (as opposed to joint claims) such as mine aren't mentioned too much in disputes. Because my husband wants to remain self-employed and available for work when he's well enough, we can't claim anything for him so i claimed independently as advised. They seem to be assuming he will have an income but as I explained to them, he isn't well enough to work... and so we go round in circles. I'll keep looking but any more help will be very much appreciated!
  17. Thanks everyone. The CAB were no use and seemed to know less than me, i was there 2 hours and eventually had to go. I guess they're just snowed under but it was disappointing. I'm focusing now on the legalities of this and the point about them having no legal right to my cv is interesting. I have a Jobseekers Agreement and the section on CV's hasn't been filled in so is this a legally binding document? This and the form you fill in to keep a record of your job search are the documents i've been using, hence i haven't sent a cv in. If, as 0900syon has quoted, there is no legal requirement to send in a cv, how can i be sanctioned? And should it be for 2 weeks without prior notice? I did send in my CV the day after i was informed I should have done it. I had to phone for an email as they hadn't given me one at the centre. I've just managed to get through to someone on the number given on the letter and although she was helpful, she said it was already in place so i could only appeal. It was in place when i received the letter so how could i do anything else anyway!!! As for the appeal and giving reasons, where do I start?? I made it very clear on my first appointment that i was struggling to understand the system, my husband was too ill to work but wasn't receiving any help and that I needed all the advice I could get. My 2 youngest children came down with viruses not long after and i had no access to a computer with software to do a cv on. This all completely true but i never thought i'd have to explain every aspect of my life to them! These circumstances, combined with the lack of instructions on the JS Agreement are the only explanations I have. I even visited the CAB to ask if i'd done everything right a few weeks after i'd signed on as i was so nervous about getting it wrong with tax credits or whatever. I'm very careful with money. They assured me everything was correct. What a mess. I will appeal but this doesn't help me today when i have bills to pay, food and school uniform to buy and a very poorly husband to help. Never mind, perhaps the government will bring back the workhouse, there's always hope... By the way, i apologise if anything thinks i'm criticising for people getting angry, i'm not. I'm absloutely furious about lots of things - but we need to channel our anger into action, otherwise it's counter-productive. Easier said than done, i know, but this website is a sign it can be done!
  18. Sanctioning for failing to comply - great idea! Imagine how much we'd save in taxes from our shocking underhand government if we all did this. My husband and I have worked bloody hard all our adult lives and I'm claiming a tiny fraction back from the huge amounts we've paid in. I have no intention of being a dosser or playing the system, I am merely having a few months looking for the kind of job I can use my experience, otherwise, it will be wasted. My job involved helping children and young people overcome difficulties in their education, something that this government have no intention of supporting, so if i need to claim some of my money back whilst i continue to help them then i will. I WAS asking for advice and information but not on WHY this happened, i'm well aware of what this government is doing as most of us are but getting angry about it will not help. Action will help but this is another matter... My immediate situation remains the same but i'll be going to the CAB today, i just hope there's someone there who knows about real life and compassion. Thank you to those who tried to help, it's appreciated.
  19. I absolutely agree and I'm going to complain 'til i'm blue in the face - but I also have to think of a way of bringing money in immediately. This sanction brings us below the poverty line, how ridiculous is that? And to top it all, the 0845 number is constantly busy... aaaaaargh!!!
  20. Apparently it was a direction but I don't remember clearly what happened that day. I only know I have a Jobseekers Agreement that was filled in at the time and the CV section isn't filled in. Surely, the fact that I made it quite clear I was very confused by all the information given to me counts for something? I'm not unintelligent and I do have enough of an education to know that this meeting could have been easier. It went on for such a long time that the next customer was passed on to someone else so by the time I was leaving, I'd forgotten half of what was said! A hardship payment is only a precentage of the full JSA, is this correct? If so, how on earth do we provide our family with even just the essentials??
  21. Please help. I signed on for the first time in 24 years after being made redundant back in July. I had no idea what I was doing and made it quite clear I needed help and advice when I went for my first appointment. Apparently, in the many bits of paperwork I was given there was a specific order to send my CV in by a particular date but I didn't do this. I was under the impression I was waiting for another appointment to discuss my options and I would then take in my cv. With hindsight i should have chased this up but i'm a very busy Mum and just didn't get time, i have many more urgent things to attend to and assumed the jobcentre would contact me if they needed anything. I sign on when i should and keep a detailed record of my job searches etc. It was at my last signing that they noticed i hadn't sent my cv in and i was asked to return the next day, i assumed to discuss this and nothing more but it was actually an assessment. I explained to the seemingly sympathetic man that i had the found the initial appointment very confusing and must have misunderstood the directions given to me. I sent my cv in the next day. I have a jobseekers agreement that does not specify a date for me to send my cv and if i was given a direction but failed to comply, why wasn't i contacted earlier? It's just a genuine mistake for goodness sake! The woman i had the first appointment with has been off ever since and doesn't return for another couple of weeks, otherwise i'd ask her to back me up. So today I have received a letter dated 17th August (6 days to reach me??) informing me that my JSA will be stopped from 21st August to 3rd September. I'm so upset. Surely something as important as this should be discussed properly and notice given? Even with the JSA we were struggling to make ends meet so heaven only knows what we'll do for this couple of weeks. My husband is self employed but not earning anything at the moment due to a combination of lack of work and ill health. We do get tax credits but this will barely cover our bills even after i've reduced them to the bare minimum. The child benefit will have to pay for food but we're a family of 5 including a toddler still in nappies so i'm seriously worried. I know other people have asked similar questions and i've read a lot but i still can't figure out how to sort this out quickly enough. It's two of my children's birthdays coming up and i have a horrible feeling we're not going to have any money in time. I honestly could just cry... Can anyone help?
  22. Thanks for this link. We've phoned Trading Standards, VOSA and the dealer and we're still getting nowhere. I've also emailed the dealer twice explaining everything and asking them to contact me (i left a number even though they already had it). Now when we phone the dealer it goes straight to answer machine and they don't phone back. The car isn't safe to drive and the dealer is miles away. I'm going to send a letter recorded delivery but what if they refuse to get in touch then? If we take them to court it will take forever and they'll just agree to pay a fiver a month IF we win. We need the car now! Any more advice?
  23. Can anyone help please? My husband and i bought a car from a dealer in Oldham in February. It was advertised on ebay (classified ad) and on the company website and was offered with a new exhaust, full 12 month MOT and 12 month parts and labour warranty. I googled the company to look for any complaints about them and found nothing to worry about. My husband and my Dad went to look at it and were told it wasn't quite ready as the exhaust needed replacing and it hadn't been done yet. It would be re-tested after the job was completed and then we could take it if we wanted it. My husband paid a deposit as it all seemed legitimate on the condition the work was done and the MOT was ok. He went back 2 days later to collect the car and pay the remaining balance and everything seemed fine. There were 2 advisories on the MOT, one for the handbrake and one for the front tyre. Nothing serious and were really pleased. The car was a little noisy with a few knocking sounds but it isn't a new car so we didn't think too much of it. None of us are mechanics and our knowledge is limited. About a week later the brake warning light came on. We put it down to the handbrake and made a note to get the car checked. A week later we had a few family illnesses and we had to postpone the car being checked. To cut a long story short, we thought brake fluid was leaking out of a crack in the reservoir but someone eventually noticed the fluid leaking from somewhere around the back wheel. A week later, we took the car to our usual garage and he did an unofficial MOT and failed it. He gave us a list of defects, said it was very dangerous and should never have passed it's MOT. We immediately phoned the dealer who was very defensive but said she'd pick it up when she could and take it back to the garage (the same one who'd passed it in the MOT) and see 'what was done before it was sold and what was done after'. Nothing, as far as we know, was done after we bought it. We haven't driven it that much! That was last Thursday and she hasn't phoned back. They aren't answering the phone either. We told Trading Standards and VOSA but because it was a few days past the 28 day deadline, VOSA cannot investigate our individual case but have taken all the details and will check the garage. We phoned the number on the warranty and they said the warranty seemed incomplete but even if it was complete, the car would probably be considered not worth fixing as it was only bought for £1000. I've emailed the dealer today and given them 24 hours to reply with some information as to what they are going to do. Can anyone advise further?
  24. Oh yes, and i made a mistake when i mentioned Home for You. The housing dept in question is actually an ex council houing dept that is now a charitable organisation that has been set up BY the council. They're still rubbish and now they can use their charitable status to their advantage.
  25. Well, we contacted the fire safety officer and although he was very sympathetic and he had concerns about the boarded up fire exit he couldn't enforce anything. I can't remember why. Anyway, he told me to pass on his concerns to the council which i did. I've also passed on the details to our local MP and we now include one of her reps into all relevant emails. We've now received amongst LOTS of other things: a vague email saying they'll be starting work soon, a notice to move our untaxed car so they can put a skip in it's place (on our land, they assumed it was theirs), a letter with our costs for the work involved (all incorrect), including notice of our consultation period of 30 days from the date of the letter (4th November) giving us until 5th November (spot the mistake!!) a start date of the 14th November (leaving us no time to consult) followed 3 days later by a schedule of works that bears no resemblance to the works discussed and agreed in the first place. We're now getting emails explaining how and why they've reached certain figures etc and they all seem to relate to the original lease from 2003 that was given to my husband. He thinks they're trying to cover up for their mistakes and I can make very little sense of any of it so i'm now wondering if we need legal guidance and if so, who would be brave or knowledeable enough to take on a local council. Our town is notoriously cliquey and i'm not sure how to proceed.
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