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  1. let me explain a little: i lived in Birmingham for 15years and was there when this problem started with the council tax. I started the payment plan but due to lack of funds the direct debit stopped to which i had no notice until the recent letter being received. I moved to London in july 2009 and tried looking for work there, i didnt find anything and moved back to Birmingham in feb/march 2011....hence equita thinking im in london. When i rang the bailiffs i did tell him i dont live at teh london address anymore but i didnt give a new address. I am going to write a letter to Equita stating my financial conditon and also stating i dont live at the london address and if they send the bailiff there again i will not pay any incurred fees as i am telling them it is not my address. I will also included my proposition manageable payment by instalments to demonstrate, in writing, willingness to pay. I will also include a breakdown of my income and outgoings, to demonstrate how reasonable my proposal is. This will be sent by recorded delivery, and a copy emailed to info @ equita.co.uk.
  2. Today my parents received a letter at their London address (where i dont live since Feb 2011) regarding council tax which i owed of £1003.81 for a Birmingham address. I had a monthly direct debit set-up for some reason ended up failing and being removed, since then this is the first time i have heard from Equita. The letter is under my wife's and my name she is out of work since Feb 2011 til present and i have just started last week. None of us have the funds to pay the amount. The letter posted THROUGH THE DOOR on the 10th Oct 2011 stated: "Payment due in full in 24 hours.....i have attended today with the intention of removing goods and chattels as are necessary to discharge the outstanding council tax liability order and additional enforcement charges cost.....Please note no further arrangements are acceptable and payment is now required in full......i will attend your address to remove goods even in your absence....should you wish to avoid this contact me immediately....no contact will be taken as your refusal to pay" I rang them (before reading that i shouldnt ) to say my parents received this letter but i dont live there anymore. I told him i have been out of work for 2 years and only started working this week. He replied saying it doesn't matter he needs full payment or a court order would be issued, i said it doesnt matter even if i go to court as i cant pay and will still arrange a monthly plan. Obviously more fees would be occurred so i would rather deal with this matter ASAP. The bailiff told me he'll give me til Thursday (4 days) to try and get the money but said i doubt i can. The only method for me will be to get a monthly plan sorted again but im not sure they will....or is there any way i can? Please do help me
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