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  1. let me explain a little: i lived in Birmingham for 15years and was there when this problem started with the council tax. I started the payment plan but due to lack of funds the direct debit stopped to which i had no notice until the recent letter being received. I moved to London in july 2009 and tried looking for work there, i didnt find anything and moved back to Birmingham in feb/march 2011....hence equita thinking im in london. When i rang the bailiffs i did tell him i dont live at teh london address anymore but i didnt give a new address. I am going to write a letter to Equita s
  2. Today my parents received a letter at their London address (where i dont live since Feb 2011) regarding council tax which i owed of £1003.81 for a Birmingham address. I had a monthly direct debit set-up for some reason ended up failing and being removed, since then this is the first time i have heard from Equita. The letter is under my wife's and my name she is out of work since Feb 2011 til present and i have just started last week. None of us have the funds to pay the amount. The letter posted THROUGH THE DOOR on the 10th Oct 2011 stated: "Payment due in full in 24 hours.....i hav
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