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  1. I had a security company come to install an additional motion sensor in my garage. Despite warning, he continued walking through a cable which was lay on the floor and pulled a network switch off a shelf on to my motorbike causing damage to the fairings and paint. I raised a complaint which they said wouldn't progress and stated I was lucky the engineer wasn't injured and a claim filed against myself. I reconfirmed the engineer was told to stop multiple times when I seen he walking towards the cable but he kept walking five feet which caused it to fall. I also querie
  2. Spoke with the independent witness earlier, he is happy to write up a statement confirming the tenant has said everything I put in my originally post here. Could anyone advise next steps or anything I must ensure I do? I just want to make sure I don’t miss anything first time around.
  3. I have checked and the owner does not own the property. It is lease hold and will be the same scheme as my mum and others on the street. I missed your original questions about the photos but yes, I have plenty which show the garage door laying next to my car and the damage.
  4. I can’t claim on my insurance, I literally wouldn’t be able to insure my car next year. I guess that’s where my witness statements should come in to play, are you saying they won’t help me then? There would be two from my parents and one from an independent witness who owns a house on the same street.
  5. Yes all of the damage was caused by the garage door but it’s supposedily fell and hit my car two or three times. My mum was in the process of moving house and didn’t spend a lot of time their so that was their reason for not reporting it. The tenants were very open and told me everything until the owner got involved.
  6. I’m not sure about business insurance and not something I’ll be able to find out due to him not talking to me any more. I do now have both of the tenants names now though.
  7. 1) I did ask them about claiming for their damage and they told me tthey aren’t bothered, looking at them, they have not been cared for at all and damaged all over 2) I will do a check and report back later about ownership of the property 3) Repairs will cost around £800 4) I know where abouts the owners now lives so won’t be hard to get find his address but this is something I’ll also try to find out ASAP
  8. I have a car parked on my mothers drive and she called me last month to tell me her neighbours garage door had fell and hit my car. There is no garage at the house, it was just a free standing garage door as the owner of the house fits garage doors for his job. When I arrived, the garage door was lay in front of my car and the damaged looked like it has hit my door and then slid down to the front of the car. The door had caused dents and gone through the paintwork on my bonnet, wing, front bumper, door, mirror and headlight. Not a simple dent removal and smart repair job by any means
  9. Ah, I didn't know that! My worry is I do not have proof of what I explained back in 2011 (in my first post). I can't access my bank statements, there was an obvious lack of synchronisation with Lloyds customer services which caused this problem. So, I defend by explaining my original post in the defence form?
  10. Thank you Ford. May I ask how your issues with Lloyds unfolded from 2012? The only info on payments I could find is a payment receipt dated 23/12/2009. I could not find any bank statements so I am not 100% sure when the last payment was. My credit report shows that the date of default is December 2010. It no longer shows as Lloyds though - it is Lowell and is updated every month, the last date showing 22/2/16. Is this normal? What are my options from here? I do not think I have many. Shall I return the form admitting to part of the claim, specifically the original £125? Lowell have a
  11. I know, the default would have been removed from my credit rating towards the end of this year. What will a regulated agreement mean for me? I will see if I can find any old bank statements that show the date I last paid money in to the account but I think I'll struggle to find this.
  12. Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Solicitors Limited Date of issue – 01/03/16 What is the claim for – 1) The defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 regulated agreement with Lloyds under account reference xxxxxx. 2) The defendant failed to maintain the required payments and a default notice was served and not complied with. 3) The Agreement was later assigned to the Claimant on 24/06/2014 and notice given to the defendant 4) Despite repeated requests for patent, the sum of £519 remains due and outstanding. And the claimant claims a) The said sum of £51
  13. Please can anyone help me or advise me how to move forward with this? I've requested call backs twice a day and have had no reply but they have just issued me with a pre removeal notice. Also, My car is PCP.
  14. So, I set up a payment plan with Philips to be started on the 2nd January. As I am a contractor my payment was delayed which meant I called Philips and explained. The lady allowed me to pay my first installment 2 days later as long as I called back the day after to confirm receipt of the payment. I paid, I called back the day after, another lady confirmed my payment. 2nd February I get home from work intendeng to make my next payment but find a letter on my floor. A bailiff has visited my house to remove goods and I now have a £385 debt to pay (should now be £165). I have emailed Philips, s
  15. Thank you. I've read this thread and when the OP mentions he has to pay it all went a bit quiet: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?226173-phillips-rip-off-fees-help!&p=2537931
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